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in recent days, netizens have been buqingbubai between Ma Yili, Yao Di, the three events completely provoked interest. Although things have passed three days, but the heat is still unabated.

now we are in an era of the Internet, the Internet thinking is often mentioned in the mouth. If I were the article, how to use the Internet thinking to solve their own problems now? (at a music, only a netizen Bo Le, do not take it seriously!)

1, fully take care of the user experience

users, scoring two levels:

ordinary users


users most want to know what? The answer is definitely the article and all of Yao Di’s appointment, but few on record, unclear now only photos taken by paparazzi, obviously not good user experience.

Since the

has acknowledged the fact of Mo as their direct broke a few date with Yao Di at the scene, the fans are not happy


entertainment editor

is said to have suffered a number of sites in the past few days, the entertainment channel editor reporter, the latest issue of the article is to respond to the two micro-blog in the evening after 10, and this is the time when the channel is the least. The micro-blog, editors, reporters were scorched by the flames of nature.

suggested that the article fully consider this part of people’s feelings, in the day, I believe the media friends will give the grateful for humanistic care.

2, viral marketing

using the propagation characteristics of the Internet, promote products in the penetration of social networking, social media, and by making a sensational event, controversial topic, to achieve a wide range of spread of the virus, and even reached the tipping point.

now that the social network is so developed, it should take advantage of this opportunity to various social networking sites, micro-blog circle of friends and space should be used, and then make their V friends crazy forwarded forward at the same time, let them say "good man, have to play the kind of words, to restore their influence.

3, user participation in

user feedback will serve as part of the design decisions. The article can try to send such a state: what should I do in the future.

4, big data analysis


should analyze the use of large data systems, and how many of the fans for their support, age, occupation, how to place their distribution? Then these fans launched customized services, such as centralized private letter thanked everyone about, or sent to the local brokerage team, engage in some activities for.

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