Several methods for SEO not to attract traffic

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to the flow of a variety of ways, for the product station, of course, SEO is the best, because the most targeted. There are a variety of ways to pull traffic for the entertainment station. Here will know o remit method and some small case and introduce, hope that we use, these methods will be developed to the higher level.

Baidu Encyclopedia

this is a relatively difficult way, you need to edit Baidu encyclopedia. When once a department is working in a company, spent a day for the company products related to more than and 50 entries on all company websites, an average day brought about 400 IP, and are highly targeted visitors, the conversion rate is higher than the investment Google AdWords advertising. This method is recommended to use, as long as the link to the entry, the IP will be fixed every day.

know Q & a

here to recommend to the soso to ask, Baidu know too hard to fight, the amount can be. Soso has a huge user base QQ, traffic is only less than Baidu know. A few days ago to help the boss a pearl cotton plant site to do the promotion, then to search and ask Baidu know the answer several questions related to pearl cotton, and his colleagues have also made a few, now every day can take over more than and 20 IP, but the IP for factory station is enough, more than PPC. I have a friend before the crazy Soso Ask answer questions, as long as the problem is the answer, then adding links, so no specific crazy promotion, every day brought nearly 2000 IP to him, but PV is not high, low rates.

Baidu post bar

Baidu post bar is well used, you can come to N more traffic, the use of all is useless. When the eleven founding just premiere, founding the Baidu Post Bar it is very fire, I made a incitement to discuss the topic, and then on the two floor (to avoid being clever joined the link moderators and delete machine), the station brought thousands of IP so few days for me every day the movie. I believe there is better than I use the Baidu Post Bar is a treasure, you can go to study.

video site

this method, relatively few people mentioned, I didn’t, I saw my friend to get off, the effect is good. Mainly for the movie website, first you have to understand what recent movie or TV show, and then go to the potatoes and Youku upload a trailer, video name a good point (how well, hold their own), then add in video introduction links such as: "the construction of national industry customers watch please login to XXXX." Hey, most people will see, to see the natural citation to your site.

other methods I do not much outlined, such as soft Wen, QQ group, blog.

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