How do make a movie stand in six months to achieve the P10 million

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movie website to achieve the daily flow of 100 thousand

recently my movie station server disk array is damaged, there is no mood to do the movie station. So, can I do share the movie station is how to be on the flow of 100 thousand IP in half a year.

one, to have an independent server and bandwidth resources

I use a very high Dell server, disk array space has 2 T, the server on the Netcom data room, bandwidth 1000M, good hardware conditions are the foundation of success. Of course, if you can not reach such a condition, then it will be.

two, implementation steps

1, every day to watch movies, TV shows, movies and other key words in Baidu search volume, which focuses on the amount of search keywords. The trick here is to find the long tail keyword, such as: Handan harbor film, daily search volume of about 500, then I will register a domain name, do a movie station, is called the "Handan film city information port".

2, according to the above method, 1 months time, I registered a domain name, made a total of more than and 100 Movie stations in.

3, each movie station has different long tail keywords, title keywords description are different, but the movie database is the same, the layout style can be adjusted to do.

4, SEO promotion strategy. The more than and 100 Movie station in the user view is basically the first in the local area network, the main forum for the promotion, the more than and 100 Movie station mutual connection, the SEO optimization totally consumed on your own web site, as dozens of blogs, each film website update and blog updates simultaneously, Baidu knows, there are Post Bar free promotion.

three, effect analysis

due to the bandwidth of the server is stable, competitive keywords is not fierce, SEO optimization promotion strategy in place, Baidu, Google, Yahoo, Sogou search engines do quite well, each keyword half a year after the movie website can bring me a day around 1000 IP, more than and 100 movie website group every day can bring more than 100 thousand IP fixed.

four, recommendation

1, server resources and bandwidth resources can try

2, there is no resource can also learn from the above method, the site is updated tired

3, SEO is the core of things, according to the different keywords to build different websites, gathering flow into rivers.



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