My family for a long time opinion leaders based on word of mouth marketing

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opinion leaders gradually become the pioneer of word of mouth marketing. In the early stages of development, often the word of mouth leader in the delivery of new information. My long genealogy Internet use is a lie.

1, to provide valuable sites and functions, a happy user experience, manufacturing communication point.

uses the mysterious invitation to sign up to model the user’s appetite for hanging. Do not open a large-scale users open face, but the invitation, in some parts of the population first registration experience, then this part of the crowd to friends, colleagues recommend, send invitation registration code, new users can register by invitation registration code. This registration way to stimulate the "rarity" mentality, so that users flock to fall over each other to get an invitation code, after successful registration, and the limited invitation code like a treasure to send out, so repeatedly, naturally expanded the influence and visibility.

2, with the spread point, but also need to choose a good way of transmission.

(1) E-mail: because e-mail is usually sent between friends or colleagues, so the way to send the message through the mail registration will not be resisted.

(2) QQ, MSN et al.

3, find and win the opinion leader

is a key point in word-of-mouth marketing, that is to control the "information source", and there is a core in the control of information source, who has a strong influence on the market "opinion leaders is to find the carrier of information dissemination". Opinion leaders do not focus on a particular group or class, but are evenly distributed among any group or class in society. Tencent to do QQ promotion, it is very focused on the views of the leaders to find and lock. The average age of their users is about 19 to 21 years old, which is part of the fashion, the crowd should be keen on new influenza. They do not have any resistance to this new and convenient online communication mode of QQ, can quickly accept and be willing to spread it. Web site can not ignore the opinion leaders, because their reaction may affect most users. These people may also represent a high degree of interest, can bring more users to the site. Look for influential topics. Keep the topic well.

4, different experiences and feelings

5, build user communication platform and channel

social scientists tell us that everyone living in 8 to 12 people close to the network, the network may be friends, family members and colleagues, according to the different position in society, may include dozens, hundreds or thousands of people a wide network. Must be established between the website and the users and users of communication channels, users of the same user comments will be sent to the site, allowing users to participate in marketing activities, so that the word-of-mouth marketing play a more powerful.

1 is the primary tool for creating word of mouth that is just right for people to do it if you don’t ask people to

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