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      I have a classmate before we are doing the same industry, and later he suspected that our line is too dead, quit. Went to the south to do business, we often contact. He came back a few days ago and talked to me about the way to do business. He was just on the road, so there are some special expression to express, but also very willing to listen to. After listening to some of his experience, I think some of the ideas are also suitable for our webmaster, so we share.

      in a way, I think China’s biggest national condition is "human"". No matter what can not do without the "human", China is a "human" big country. People who have done business know, in order to have a good performance, not treat gifts is absolutely not. Did not do the business may have heard of it, ha ha. According to the old salesman said, they want to carry out a new business, in contact with the target customers, not directly on the business, but to say "treat". The target customers according to the identity to a level of the hotel, in the wine on the table is not to talk about business, but the first pull "relationship", after a few drinks, the man woman is said to address each other as brothers and sisters called. After the relationship is close, everything will be fine. This is China’s "human" communication. No wonder Chen Anzhi said that success = knowledge + network.

      website promotion, we also should be inspired from it.

      first, to make friends. One more friend. Be friendly to others. You smile at others; others will smile. To make strangers feel warm, think more of others than of yourself and never judge. Friends should negotiate rather than quarrel. When you disagree with others, talk to him.

      secondly, treat a friend to be true. Whether it is a real friend, or friends on the network, to come up with their own "true" to treat others, so as to find a friend for a long time.

      finally, on the network of friends, put him into reality. How to let him have some impression on you. How to do it? Have a relationship with him. For example, to help him a little busy; let him give you a little help, after thanking him. Pay close attention to his station and give him some good advice. Free for him to do a link to his station to do free publicity; write a soft Wen, which referred to his station. And so on, through these, I think he will have a different feeling for others.

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