How can China’s rural tourism benefit from the holiday season

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life, marketing way, every kind of colors, for life in this fast-paced world we sometimes have to make a decision is really not so easy, because too many choices. Taking advantage of the marketing, the star effect, borrow festival marketing, word-of-mouth marketing and marketing throughout our lives every drop.

source: China rural tourism website

is an occasion to marketing, understand the popular point is similar to a man, the ring, a fire, all the advertising "dog" will have to follow, with the help of the explosion and fire events to hype their products; on occasion marketing, Xiao Bian first thought classic marketing occasion is Durex, most of the time are taking advantage of marketing this success, your own brain ha (reminder: people, a large hole brain not make up the brain too much). Word of mouth marketing and star effects, which presumably everyone from the literal meaning is easy to understand.


by festival marketing, decoration, catering and tourism companies will borrow Festival marketing. By holiday marketing, in this near May Day, presumably a lot of travel sites advertising staff began to think of some of the novel marketing plan.

small series is not a professional advertising staff, in this, only from marketing to their own side and the impact of friends to talk about simple. Because it is not professional, so do not want to see professional advertising staff do not spray. Near the May Day holiday, we travel to the festival and to talk about marketing, of course, which also has a word of mouth marketing:

in the beginning of the article also mentioned that now make a decision is not so easy, especially to choose "phobia" friends, for after the holiday to go to play, usually is uncertain, this time, to see if there are other friends to play in the photo A, then comment a little better, presumably, the first choice is the time out to play A. This is actually a marketing approach, but in our view, because it is learned from a friend’s mouth, do not feel the nature of marketing, but this can indeed be regarded as word of mouth marketing. Word of mouth marketing permeate all aspects of life, living and so on, sometimes friends will tell you where I am a restaurant today (now called B restaurant) to eat meals, taste particularly good, the environment is also good, you must have the opportunity and other friends to the nearby, the first choice for you may be the B restaurant, before you tell a friend, a friend introduced me to this house, behind the choice of your own brain.

by holiday marketing, compared to word of mouth marketing, it has time constraints. Only when the holidays can highlight its existence. So, in this may play season, China’s rural tourism network ( how to use the holiday to better marketing it?

1 a few days before the festival, Xiao Bian think is critical, and now in this era of the Internet, we get information and communication are mostly using social tools, micro-blog, WeChat public number, friends >

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