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A5 (www.admin5.com) station network May 21st news, perhaps see the video using Vine rage, also let some domestic people envy. Sina launched the second shot, the Tencent has microscopic, now Mito also launched a beauty shot. Just a short video in foreign hot, whether to adapt to the domestic market.

following text and pictures, short video has been accepted in a new form of social sharing. MIIT released data show that in the first half of 2013, compared to the end of 2012, the size of the mobile Internet video users grew by a relatively high growth rate. Among them, UGC video with originality and topic began to harvest certain coverage.

micro Tencent responsible person Gao Ziguang said in the micro, micro is not only a short video sharing community, but the simple video editing tools, combined with the social, will increase user stickiness of pure tools. "Not simply say to everyone in the micro platform in social networking, but hope can be in other social platforms as the tool, we called social language."

Xu Liangjie stressed that the key is not to play short video playback but share, only micro-blog such a social platform, it is possible to breed a second shot such short video applications. For Sina micro-blog, the short video is an important micro-blog multimedia media, and pictures, music is equally important, in line with micro-blog social media features.

has a lot of voices pointed out that China’s network speed and traffic restrictions are the bottleneck of the development of such software, even more pointed out that China’s lack of creativity, the soil is not able to nourish the next Vine. A short video occupies about 600KB, and released a micro-blog map user should be able to assume this not much difference between, the flow of consumption. The problem is uninteresting content is worth the user consumption flow, to bring in micro-blog word consumption after the fun, short video applications in the course of time became silent in the corner of the mobile phone supporting role.

industry generally believe that with the advent of 4G era, all kinds of video applications will become the most important Internet applications, and in the field of social networking, video content based on image will replace the text and pictures, has become the mainstream of social networks, especially short video. From the person in charge said that short video provides users with a new social and interactive, user making rapid short video sharing threshold will be greatly reduced, means that no matter how social networking or video has entered a new stage of development.

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