Ten ways to promote the mid autumn festival website

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Mid Autumn Festival is coming soon, I wish you a happy holiday, station! How to use the Mid Autumn Festival promotion website, the following article may have some help, hope to attract everyone.. Bring on the flow of ascension.

, the Mid Autumn Festival logo

if your design is excellent, can also like to design their own sites, the Mid Autumn Festival holiday logo, when the Mid Autumn Festival is not home website is ordinary logo, and your website is a festival website, will certainly attract more people’s attention.

two, Mid Autumn Festival special

do the mid autumn festival information topics, to find some of their own web site related content, or original, or processing to do this aspect of the content, when others search for the Mid Autumn Festival, will bring a lot of traffic to the site.

three, Mid Autumn Festival blessing page

made some beautiful Mid Autumn Festival blessing page, can generate people’s names and greetings, these can be through QQ, MSN forwarding viral promotion.

four, mid autumn festival custom expression

custom expression can be made of GIF animated images, which appear in their own website name, others quoted words, or may be forwarded between multiple QQ and MSN, for example, made a number of dumplings pictures.

five, Mid Autumn Festival greeting card

if you can’t make electronic greeting cards, online to find some e-cards, give your website user sent a Happy Mid Autumn Festival, there are with your website address, more than a few belong to viral promotion

six, Mid Autumn Festival Promotion

to buy things in the buyers, can send some characteristics of the Mid Autumn Festival items, zongzi sachet, is a pure website, can launch a mid autumn Festival Registration send integral, send reward and other promotions.

seven, Mid Autumn Festival pictures

Mid Autumn Festival pictures will become a popular search, find some beautiful pictures of the Mid Autumn Festival, also some original pictures, funny to play your best, watermark, others is to turn your site, it will take you.

eight, Mid Autumn Festival online activities

use of the site itself, such as the Mid Autumn Festival essay, pictures and other competitions.

nine, the mid autumn festival activities under the line

Mid Autumn Festival is coming, everyone’s site has not organized some activities, these sites for the city’s effect is better, so that users contact feelings, so that more people are concerned about your site.

ten, the Mid Autumn Festival to promote

in the latter part of the Mid Autumn Festival, can be carried out on the site of the activities, written articles reported to your website, you can also send in other influential web site, there will be many friends come to pay attention to the site. >

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