Dai Zhikang Discuz X2 will be officially released at the annual meeting

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Kang Sheng company president Dai Zhikang (micro-blog) (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Li Songwei) May 19th news, Kang Sheng company president Dai Zhikang said, before the guest Tencent micro-blog Discuz! X2 will be held in May 21st 2011 China Internet webmaster annual meeting officially released, related components will include QQ, the Internet will be released.

Dai Zhikang in 2001 from the independent design and development community forum system, now Discuz! Discuz! Has become one of the world, the largest number of users in the PHP community forum software and the latest version of Discuz! Discuz! X2 compared to the Discuz X1.5 function point increased by 50%.

micro-blog interview began, Dai Zhikang that he will answer the 2011 station annual meeting, Discuz as far as possible!, open platform various sharp and sharp questions ", because he knew," make a product, the user at more concern more, use more, also shows there are a lot of room for improvement can be improved Discuz, always in the effort ".

indeed as expected micro-blog online interview just started, a net name is "sister nest" throws a polite question: "you have guts, now these several new features, brothers can’t spray die you!"

was sprayed for many years, has not died." Dai Zhikang replied.

in the next 2 hours of time, Dai Zhikang answered the Tencent micro-blog users including Discuz! X2 QQ, community development, group purchase group, more than 60, at the same time to collect information about the Discuz! X2, open platform for many valuable comments and suggestions.

following Dai Zhikang micro-blog interview wonderful view:

Discuz! X2 will be officially released at the general assembly, will bring their own QQ related components. Do products, the more users curse, indicating that the more attention, the more use, but also that there are a lot of room for improvement, Discuz.

was sprayed for many years, has not died. There is a golden idea can not be based on the idea of relying on is not a continuous operation. Internet vertical, fine differentiation trend will continue to strengthen, this is the opportunity for webmasters. General business to large companies to do, vertical, subdivision of the business by many owners to achieve entrepreneurs.

client should be in order to meet the needs of some kind of web can not be met, should not be occupied by the owners and the owners of the desktop user generated. I think the first luxury business sites do not have much success, the site is very very good understanding of the Internet industry channels, do a website can let you learn a lot. There are also some successful cases of high school website, such as Li Xiang.

The following is the Dai Zhikang

micro-blog online interview text:

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