5 months from the flow of tens of thousands of marketing cases to 70 million

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recently accumulated a lot of experience and insight, so recently have been writing, and today we want to share a very good case. We want to help.

because they often share some of the electricity supplier and the experience of the owners of the class, so most of my fans are micro business and webmaster class, every day I open the circle of friends to see the ad to know what products fire. From the end of 2014 began advertising mask I found in my circle of friends a lot less, horse oil is also a lot less, the apple mobile phone is also a lot less. But a product quietly surfaced. In order to avoid the suspicion of advertising, I did not call the name, but also declared that I do not have any agent. Otherwise, everyone will think I am writing soft Wen, this time to talk about the case, I mainly share some of his strategic things. If you do cosmetics or micro business will be very helpful.


my classmates and their bosses are friends for many years. Originally, my friend shares also do, but now the specific about how I will not ask. This product I have not tried, but my classmates to experience the product after he felt very good, because this thing is now almost no domestic.

: it is the first and the lip gloss can eat, belongs to green products. Second, it will not fade, and color are natural. Third, it is not painted, is a pull type of lipstick. And made in korea.

why do I have to mention it is made in Korea, not to say that it is imported. It is said that this thing can fire up in Korea, in China is very sure there will be a big market. Because the Republic of Korea, like the Korean women’s clothing and cosmetics too much, this is an advantage of the product.

well, back to the marketing, then talk about the marketing of this product. This product is the company itself to do first is done before the female PC website, and their website is one of the best domestic funds, is also very abundant. With these backgrounds and experiences, they are very reliable. Their success is not a matter of luck, it’s a strategic thing. Most of the WeChat cosmetics we started to use is constantly lectures, constantly brainwashing way to develop. To do so, very tired.

we also know that they are going to develop 90% novice, to bring how many people is really very difficult thing. And the competition for agents is very large, and now no matter what kind of cosmetics are using the same routine to compete. So it is very difficult to operate up to the second half of 2014 when the agent can develop less and less. But this game is totally different lip gloss.

they focus on 3 groups:

first: the user of the product

we all know that at the end of the PC do most of the cosmetics is to do the bidding and female resources advertising

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