Famous website video bus was forced to suspend the use of network domain name

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respect rice network February 25, 2009 special report, there are users reported that the material can not be normal access to the video game bus site (www.tgbus.com), suspected of being suspended by its domain name registration. The whois query, bus application domain tgbus.com is the registered business nets suspended yesterday at 18:50, the domain name has been modified to clientHold state.


domain name tgbus.com before the whois state

it is understood that the bus is one of the well-known game site, because it provides a very comprehensive game information and data download free service and has vast game enthusiasts, global rankings to yesterday once rose to 640, three months average ranked 851.


domain name tgbus.com global ranking information

is so famous domain registrar was forced to suspend the event is the first in the country, after the news spread caused widespread concern of the majority of Internet users, some game enthusiasts accused the Registrar (Chinese nets) this behavior and hooligans like. Insiders pointed out that in the process approach to the famous website network is indeed some ill considered. Such as the use of legal means to bus incident investigation, all difficult to do.

before the closing time, the incident did not all publicly, the real cause of the video bus was forced to stop using the domain event follow-up reports, please the majority of users concerned.

respect meter tips: clientHold, a state of the domain name, which means that the domain name is forced to stop the use of its registered. The same function as serverHold (forced to stop using the registry), except for the difference in the execution of the prohibited operation.

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