Summarize the local site promotion strategy

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I do this station Liulin community the purpose is very clear, is to ask the station to stand long, closely linked with the local life.

for a long time, the site size. Become a win-win platform for community residents to facilitate.

on the Internet to see a lot of local site promotion method, the first here.

promotion period, I intend to use 1-2 months to complete, so the requirements of the promotion method is simple and effective, in order to achieve the best publicity on the basis of cost savings.

first. Talk about the promotion on the network:

the most basic search engine submission is not included: the major search engines submitted to submit the entrance

1 forum to promote

can’t advertise. Send a wonderful post to attract everyone’s attention, by way of advertising. This effect is much stronger than advertising, and owners of small chance of many. This comparison of manpower, time is also very abundant. And the goal of the forum should be clear, pick a few good points of the forum, the number of potential customers to analyze how much to focus on the post. You don’t have that energy. Note that personalized signature must be written on your website.

2 blog

registered each of the major site blog, blog name: by your site name and URL composition. Clear your keywords, add a wonderful article attached to insert your website hyperlink module. Updated frequently, click on the large, the search is also included in the natural, the weight of the search engine will gradually improve. Your website ranking will naturally come up. The best of both worlds, Why not?.

less labor, harvest more. Remember to register a Baidu space.

3 to Baidu know answer questions

registered Baidu account, to answer the above questions, by the way their website will be added to the answer. Very useful, but the promotion of the local site how to see the relevance of your answer.

4 exchange links

local site is best to exchange links with some local sites. The importance of this I do not say, the webmaster know, in addition to the direct increase in click. Also help to improve the search engine on your site recognition.

5 join community circle


on the site where friends should not be small, fast and effective, let your friends, fellow colleagues, set your website home page, hyperlinks to their blogs into your website, let them to their circle to promote your website.

6 hair soft

if you write the soft Wen is first-class, the effect of course is also first-class. To indicate the source of the article or insert a hyperlink to your site, increase the reverse link. The best search engine. You can also improve the attention of your site.

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