Tencent will launch QQ hardware open platform QQ account and open chain

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May 6th, Tencent announced that the open platform will launch an open platform for intelligent hardware, Tencent said that the current platform specific programs are still planning, the details will be announced in the future.

Penguin ecological understanding of the information include:

1 intelligent hardware open platform based on QQ account system, no WeChat.

Tencent open platform belongs to SNG (social networking business group), which is the cause of the QQ group, so the intelligent hardware open platform based on QQ account system.

As for the WeChat account

intelligent hardware system, according to the penguin Jun understand, this part is responsible for the Department of WeChat, Tencent enterprise development business group is responsible for, not in the SNG intelligent hardware open platform system.

2 Tencent open platform for intelligent hardware which capabilities?


from the QQ smart device framework, QQ account, QQ social relationships chain, Tencent cloud are open in the column, which will provide some of the capabilities include:

QQ login: This is the intelligent hardware account system;

social relationships chain: QQ based social network communication capabilities;

LBS: ability to obtain location via QQ;

mobile payment: the current mobile phone QQ has access to mobile payment function (mobile QQ wallet).

addition, QQ intelligent hardware platform will also open user information, social networking and other resources chain.

3 Tencent intelligent hardware open platform important functions: QQ account system.

Tencent said that the current problem of intelligent hardware include:

(1) between the user and the device of multiple accounts, multiple sets of communication framework, multiple sets of storage does not coexist;

(2) user interaction, how to solve the interaction between user devices.

, therefore, Tencent intelligent hardware open platform features a flagship: QQ account system, the account system can cross the device. (Wang Congji)

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