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1 biography Jingdong will push the Beijing brand: modeled Amoy brand strategy

news February 20th, sources revealed to billion state power network, the Jingdong in the mall will be launched this year to support their major strategy: "Beijing brand", a number of Jingdong to complete mall relying on the brand, the strategy will be fully modeled or Amoy brand.

this, Jingdong mall responded that Jingdong welcomes qualified third party sellers to open POP platform to open a shop, but also provide the appropriate services and resources to help the rapid growth of the seller of the third party. In terms of management standards, Jingdong equally; but for the good quality of the product, the market potential of the manufacturer or brand, Jingdong mall will consider the introduction of appropriate support policies. At present, the specific standards and implementation plan is still brewing.

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biography Jingdong will push the Beijing brand: modeled Amoy brand strategy

2 Ma made search melee: rely on traffic to grab share doubt

to launch its own search from Sogou divestments, Ali love alone did not miss this melee domestic search, the search has been on the road to dream of Ma Yun.

recently, has been low-key development of 4 years of Ali cloud search surfaced. Alibaba, said Ali cloud search and Chinese YAHOO search is the same set of search services, by the independent development of the team Ali cloud.

, another insider told the "First Financial Daily reporters, Ali cloud search from the project on the positioning of the whole network search for the entire Internet content, which is different from Ali’s another by a scouring development, positioning in the Amoy net electricity supplier search content.

at present, the domestic Internet giant is plunged into search melee. 360 to dig channels, build channels tactics taken away from Baidu’s market share of 10%, ranking the domestic search market share of second. In order to control its power, Baidu, Tencent gezonglianheng, strengthening security through mutual investment Jinshan, to copy the 360 housekeeping safety service door. In addition, Baidu, Tencent also tried to invest Sogou to contain 360.

is staying at this time, Ali cloud search out, can become the 360 Baidu Tencent, outflanking the power of unity, and the domestic search market to bring what changes?

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Ma Yun made search melee: rely on traffic to grab share doubt

daily topic: Festival Ali cloud search search wars upgrade

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3 teenage hacker Zhou Hongyi investment

fix private letter

he never read a computer specialist, he was the Guangzhou city’s most young hacker, he claims to south of the Five Ridges Han Han, his entrepreneurial company was 360 eye capital appreciation. He said: Zhou Hongyi gave him the greatest help is no matter what he. He is practicing a great dream: everyone has a App. He is Qian Keming

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