Wikipedia is facing decline crisis 3 months 49 thousand post editing

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news November 26th, local media reported, as everyone can freely participate in Wikipedia (Wikipedia), rely on volunteers to provide millions of articles, editing and entry inspection, monthly visit number as many as 325 million people, jumped to fifth of the world’s most popular websites, but now the outbreak of the "volunteer Exodus", also let the site faces the decline of the crisis.

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wiki still claims with 3 million volunteers, but leave the speed is far more than the entrants, according to Spanish researcher Felipe Ortega statistics analysis on Wikipedia data, English version of the site in the first three months of this year there are 49 thousand editors left the post, Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales said, the number of stations on the 13 million articles volunteers by writing and editing, the participation rate has slowed recently.

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caused by the loss of a large number of volunteers Public opinions are divergent. factors, Ortega believes that some issues are often repeated to debate, many people are tired, so the new regulations also appear to limit the entry of a website, there are too many people to write may conflict, which has led to a paper without people removed.

due to free itself involved, causing many people or malicious tampering with error, let Wikipedia reliability shock, to put an end to spoof articles, Wiki began to control the article quality, strengthen the examination mechanism, this has caused the volunteer rebound, think autonomy affected, and uphold the original draw further apart free and open spirit.


is a publicly available on the web writing platform, which opened in 2001, by the non-profit Wikimedia foundation is responsible for fundraising, recruit volunteers around the world to become the "wiki" and participating in management, editing and writing assistance.

as long as the Encyclopedia of needs and norms, everyone can write a new entry on Wikipedia, so very easy to write and modify the wiki, there is a red link free entry, anyone can create a new entry, the existing entries can be changed at any time, the website has just started, only 31 pieces of information in every day 2 thousand new entry speed rapid growth.

in order to allow Wikipedia to continue operating the Wikimedia foundation in early November launched fundraising activities, will be raised funds for additional staff, but also to design a website, let not good at computer operation volunteers can easily published articles. (Wen Yao / day)

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