Do not let the logistics network marketing out of your money

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do network marketing bidding, can be said that logistics is the last of the key, I think every customer the most objectionable than their own online Amoy treasure, can not be on time to their own hands, especially cash on delivery, so bring customer resentment, it may lead to the return, if there is your product packaging not properly, it will be shut out of Austria, in that case, all efforts were in vain, so that the last pass, we will make no danger of anything going wrong.

for the first packaging, packaging can be said is a key, here I give you a few points need to pay attention to, so that you can be aware of:

1) packaging not too ugly, do not use yellow hard, tied up with tape, take a look out, collecting come out after the garbage heap like, which can be cheaper but relatively good packaging, is about 5 cents.

2) logistics list, it is best to use printed, handwritten words, people will feel less formal products.

3) packaging process not too complicated, so, after a considerable period of time, the tape cost will be very high.

4) must try not to overweight, if you are free postage, so overweight freight will add half the.

said all of the above is about the network marketing product packaging, again for the logistics, products and orders can be said that we are ready, the last step is to complete on time, to the hands of customers, this is the last of the key.

network marketing delivery partner selection is very important, first of all is to warn you try not to choose the post, because it is the official, so they won’t try to make the customer sign, as long as no one answering customer calls, they basically have to return the goods, the return rate of 10%, I usually choose and downwind and ZJS sign in this way, not only can track, so that they can get customers to sign, so a single rate of return can be guaranteed in 2% – 6%.

do network marketing will do meticulous, so if the delivery is out, check the record, found that the arrival of the goods at the customer’s city, can go to check to see whether the goods are delivered on time, not because the customers on business, did not answer the phone and other reasons, the list can not be signed.

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