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what is love?


The strongest form of interpersonal attraction between

. There are 3 different points of love: love and love is more fantasy; love is not aroused by others of fantasy, but some by a realistic appraisal of others; love is not love that wild, fierce, urgent, has always been relatively stable and quiet and objective. Love is a kind of pure emotional experience; love is connected with many conflicting emotions. Love is often related to sexual desire, and love does not involve the needs of this.

some social psychologists have designed the love scale and the scale of love, used to measure the degree of love and love between individuals. Love scale part of the project is: if I can’t be with him (her) together forever, I will feel distressed; for anything I will forgive him (her); and I think for anything I can trust him (her). Some of the things I like about the scale are: I think he (she) is very easy to get along with; most people know him (her) reaction is good; he (she) is the kind of person I want to be. The use of these two types of scales, not only can generally reflect the individual attraction is love or love, can also reflect the degree of love and like.

in 1970s some western social psychologists divided love into 6 types: impulse love, also known as romantic love. By the other side of the direct and strong physical attraction, always think of each other, as much as possible with each other, the other side of the judgment is often not objective. The conditions are: there is a certain cultural background with real or fictional love each other mode for the individual; there is a love object; stimulate their feelings, and understand this kind of emotion is caused by love object. The researchers don’t agree on whether or not this love will last a long time. Egocentric love. Love does not want to be bound by the object of love, also do not want to be bound by the object of love, love as a series of challenges and solve problems, to avoid the burden caused by commitment. Rely on love. This is the love of the people often exhibit anxiety, sleeping and eating is poor, jealousy strong, more tragic ending. The utility of love. Lovers looking for personality, religious beliefs, interests, backgrounds and other conditions to match the object of love, I hope to find a suitable object of love, the feelings of the two sides can further development. In the marriage arranged by parents, the love form is more common. The love together. Not as exciting as the impulse to love or to rely on love, the two sides began to be friends, have the same interests and hobbies, work together, the gradual development of love. With this relationship, the two sides, even after breaking up, may still remain friends. The altruistic love. A typical Christian concept of love, with patience and kindness, not required

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