Mito listed companies as a tool for the loss of listed companies to bring enlightenment

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December 15th, the United States plans to usher in its eight years since the establishment of an important watershed, officially listed on the main board in Hongkong. At the close, the U.S. dollar 8.5 U.S. dollars, the market value of HK $35 billion 930 million, becoming the second largest Tencent after the Shanghai Stock Exchange Internet Co.

beauties from the beginning of the gadget development to the present, from the tool to the platform, from hardware to software, has become a comprehensive mobile Internet Co, but also has more than 1 billion users of the Internet Co, we hope to make more commercial, bring more value to the user." The bell, angel investors, Mito company chairman Cai Wensheng said.


has a large number of users, but the profitability of Mito has been questioned by the outside world. From the financial data point of view, in 2013 the U.S. $86 million in revenue in 2015 to $750 million, but the amount of loss has been expanded to 2 billion 200 million. Excluding fair value loss of convertible redeemable preference shares, as of the end of June this year, the MiTo company for three and a half years of accumulated losses of more than 1 billion 100 million yuan.

however, the MiTo company CFO Yan Jinliang still have confidence in the earnings expectations. Cai Wensheng also said that the outside world has a number of misconceptions about beauty, in fact, can easily be profitable u.s..

, like all Internet Co, we are convinced that a truth, there is a business model users. We now have a large amount of users, as long as it is not particularly radical, each user will have very large commercial value."

today, with a slowdown in China smart devices, mobile Internet growth rate, already has 1 billion 100 million users of Mito is to force the point into broader overseas markets, they are willing to believe that in the future more growth must come from overseas. At present, the United States has been in East Asia, Southeast Asia, the harvest of a large number of users, they hope in the next year will reach beyond the tentacles of the United States, Europe, South america.

if you follow this idea, it is not difficult to understand why the United States will choose to list in Hongkong.

Hongkong is part of China, is also an international financial center, the United States plans to do an international company, but also to take care of the mainland users and investors, Hongkong is the best choice." Cai Wensheng said.

electronic business platform potential liquidity opportunities

although the company’s products has been a large number of female users in the phone’s essential camera software, but the problem faced with other free tools, it is difficult to achieve the scale of realization by way of payment.

therefore in the future development plan of the United States, has the potential to profit electricity supplier business occupies an important place. In the eyes of Cai Wensheng, the United States is more likely to become the main source of income is also coming next year, the electricity supplier business line, the United States and the United States that this is the most popular use of the crowd – the needs of young women.

according to the strategic deployment of the United States, the United States is expected to be launched in the first half of next year

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