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tutorial in the domain name registration (1) – ICANN certification Chinese top-level domain registrar we introduced the domestic and 9 international level domain name registrar, of which 3721 companies basically do not provide the international domain name registration; renamed to net domestic domain mainly relates to the international domain name is not much; 35 Internet and Chinese channel is the same company, only 35 Internet to do direct sales, Chinese channel to channel; the remaining six international domain name registered business, respectively is: 35 Internet, Xinwanghulian, business China, million net, Internet, new network era.

35 was founded in 1996, is an internationally renowned provider of Internet application services for global enterprise users, organizations, business people and individual users (ASP). In 10 years, the company has always been at the forefront of the industry in the fierce market competition, to achieve leapfrog development, to provide professional enterprise post office, to the community, virtual host, independent host, office automation platform, domain name registration, website construction, website promotion and personal email, online games and other services. The company now owns 35 Internet (, Chinese channel (,, ename ( movement, sea ( five website. Please click the [

is China Xinwanghulian Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) authorized China top-level domain registrar, is the "registered institutions approved by the Ministry of information industry" qualified independent domain name service, holding the authorization approved by the Beijing Municipal Communications Authority Internet operators certificate (Beijing ICP license 030232). Please click the [

business Chinese main business is to provide comprehensive Internet service to enterprises and individuals, the goal is to build a network platform service provider Chinese ahead, and to realize this objective the development of enterprise development strategies, sustainable, formed with rich experience in network of modern enterprise team. For details, please click to view Module=aboutus]

nets is China largest domain name and web hosting service provider, by the United States IDG risk investment and capital investment (Newbridge Capital), founded in 1996, is the flagship China Internet service industry. Chinese civilink has focused on China e network system (e-Infrastructure) construction, with >

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