nternet giant new battlefield siege rural economy

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, electricity providers such as agreed in the rural collective general platform whitewashing including Taobao, Jingdong and Dangdang, have for many years not to see the slogan reappeared in the back wall of rural houses, often appear signs on the wall "in 90s to rich, first road" etc. some fight. Never thought the business platform will fall in love with musicians.

business platform whitewashers marks the start value of rural electricity providers in this market, but only can solve practical problems of whitewashing the electricity supplier who landed in rural areas? Obviously, this is not possible, one does not have the Internet environment impossible with few slogans can enter into the Internet era, so the electricity supplier who whitewashers looks very nice in fact, the distance to realize the rural electricity supplier is still a long distance.

although the distance is very far away, but Internet companies always love stem "money" first circle of people’s work, it seems there is no smoke, but the business platform has to show the battle for the siege of the rural market.

Taobao: County Government siege of rural economy

want a good life, and quickly on Taobao, this is Taobao consistently adhering to whitewashing slogans, Ali want to construct a harmonious shopping ecological ideal, the ideal is now facing the rural economy. In July 3rd, the Alibaba to engage in a first Chinese county economy and e-commerce summit, the country’s 26 provinces and municipalities, 176 counties leaders gathered in Hangzhou Alibaba Xixi Park, these people are known to the electricity supplier, is also interested in business, and promote local agricultural products and city culture. Even some local groups to participate in the.

should be said that the leaders of the attitude of the electricity supplier is active, and a considerable part of the taste of the electricity supplier sweetness. With the rise of fresh electricity supplier, Taobao and Tmall have increased support for the electricity supplier of agricultural products, local museum and Taobao’s Tmall meow fresh is the representative of. Of course, in addition to these, there are more thematic activities, such as land contract. Return to the July 10th Alibaba group to start the channel sink strategy should be in rural areas to enter the Ali’s biggest move, Taobao, Tmall, Juhuasuan Electric City, with the help of rookie network platform standardization of logistics services and mobile phone Taobao purchase two-dimensional code scan code, the first phase of the most extensive coverage of the standardization of products all electric delivery all electric direct households, more than 2 thousand and 600 counties, about 500000 villages.


can see the rural economy in this huge market, but the Internet environment is as can be imagined, even the latest statistics show that 20% online shopping in the crowd of people in rural areas, the figure for the countryside is really too little. Want to change people’s awareness of business will change the local business environment, undoubtedly, Taobao is a smart choice, the leadership of the county urban culture as a business object, understand the electricity supplier leaders can promote the local villages and towns to rural development of the electricity supplier, Taobao directly into the countryside is much easier.

Jingdong: channel sink into rural convenience store

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