Electricity supplier veterans re venture to create a ticket market where to go

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left the game network CEO Xu Hongqiang (data plan)

Tencent technology Zhao Nan reports

last night and the Ministry of investment, who spoke on the phone more than two hours." Xu Hongqiang said this, the expression of some complex. This is his second venture, the first time in the minds of the emergence of a large number of VC to fill the project ideas. "There is no one thousand, the sale is not playing." Xu Hongqiang said.

Xu Hongqiang is worried that he did not understand the pattern with investors.

two hours, this is the longest time in the process of Xu Hongqiang looking for VC is the longest dialogue. Chat for so long, that investors have not heard to understand, I am not sure, you said, will not be my model is a problem,


sat across from Xu Hongqiang in meditation. People familiar with him said, Xu Hongqiang economics, is a love pondering thing, not a thing to understand the whole, not too easy to cheat, but if you have to go to flicker, but he will be very anxious, because he is too eager to each other can understand his small abacus.

second venture, Xu Hongqiang want to build a ticket market around the show where to come. And this will be an important part of the whole industry chain of his ticket ticketing. Compared with the first venture in the face of some arrogant VC, this time Xu Hongqiang appears to be a little uneasy.

a business: Xiaofujian restructuring missed opportunity

Xu Hongqiang is a veteran of the domestic Internet, 2000, and co founded the Chinese ticketing network; in 2002, leaving the China ticketing network, to bring their own people and created a pattern similar to the Chinese Ticketing Center (51piao.com), and has been done now.

China ticketing network and China’s ticketing center mode is simple, are from the proxy to get tickets, and then sold to consumers of pure B2C.


left and then do the same concept website? According to Xu Hongqiang’s words, is a China ticketing network had been at a loss, in 2002 the global Internet bubble burst, no new funds come in; two, investors from Korea, invested millions of RMB and then not to move, and his will in China ticketing network is also unable to feel.

Xu Hongqiang also started from the China Ticket Center arrogant.

"I took 100 thousand yuan business, but soon the site has tens of millions of annual turnover. 02 years from now, more than 8 years, Chinese Ticket Center never thaw money." Xu Hongqiang said, after two years to do the site, that is, in 2004, began to take the initiative to come to us VC, but I did not ask them for money." Why? "I was already making money, why do they have to change their money to share?"

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