Zhongshan University MBA quit his job to do a good job to buy a net

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Zhongshan University MBA quit high paying jobs, their own entrepreneurial Group buy network

quit high paying jobs into the entrepreneurial tide

Mr. Xu Qiang is a MBA at Zhongshan University in south of the Five Ridges. As the first school in Southern China area of MBA, its broad future. Sure enough, Mr. Xu got MBA degree, which received several large companies invited, earning hundreds of thousands. But after working for a few months, he found that his work was too boring, no passion. Hunan people are in pursuit of hard work and passion, so the body flow of Hunan blood man Xu Qiang think, with such ease day in and day out work for others, as their own business, like a piece of heaven and earth.

Mr. Xu Qiang read during the

MBA at the Zhongshan University, founded the south of the Five Ridges business and Investment Association, the purpose is to start the theme, called campus aspiring young entrepreneurs, we can discuss together all thoughts, make like-minded people together. In July 2009, Xu Qiang called a few friends before the association, with 500 thousand yuan registered in Guangzhou Miya Mdt InfoTech Ltd, began his entrepreneurial path.

create magic group into the army

After the establishment of

company, Xu Qiang team has been focused on the construction of the female portal charm DNA, but the female portal is a long-term project, it is difficult to gain a short time. Moreover, the company also had a little problem in the early stages, the technical team has been changed, by the end of 2009, the technical team stabilized. The Xu Qiang team, decided to open a short-term project, imitate the year’s most red Groupon website model, establishment of magic group (molituan.com)

magic group formally launched on April 2010. On the line, in the face of many competitors, in addition to a month earlier than the magic and beauty group, group F group, founded in Beijing in the group purchase network, launched in Guangzhou after the magic group local network group purchase have also appeared, therefore, Xu Qiang and his company is facing a huge challenge.

focus on the ability to operate under the line integrity service

in the United States in 2009 hot Groupon group purchase mode, its attractiveness is low discount, a fine day consumption, at the same time as a media platform for businesses to advertise their products and services, can be said to be the intermediary platform to shoot two hawks with one arrow.

, however, appeared in the domestic network group purchase like bamboo shoots after a spring rain, the pattern is not the innovation advantage, line operations than the spell of the key. Xu Qiang has been on the team members stressed that the magic group of the product, patient, must give consumers the best quality service, the network group purchase in the battle, who can hold to the end, who is the winner.

in Guangzhou local network group purchase in order to see other publicity, received media attention, fabrication of high flow and how much do venture news, Xu Qiang said, we will never do such a thing, the magic group of the product, can sell for less is more.

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