Yuan Yueming from the open shop to build the network manufacturing factory

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Yuan Yueming, 29, grew up with Taobao. From the completion of white-collar workers to turn the network in 2003, 2008, Yuan Yueming was named the taobao.com ten network. Now, in this "yellow jacket" network business tycoon begins its new build "network industry chain" dream. When in Zhuhai the first "network manufacturing factory" successfully produced the first batch of high quality of the network, this dream is to retire at the age of 45 young people who are trying to attract first venture, "if you can pull up to $20 million in venture capital, I will be in the country to copy the Zhuhai model".

– Master home network series of reports

– open for 5 months, monthly profit of over 20 thousand

now Yuan Yueming is taobao.com e-traders conference "Ten Network". His "network manufacturing factory" is really the name of Zhuhai network business network technology Co. Ltd., founded in 2008, the park has successfully operated for nearly a year. In the factory production form, has created 4 "crown" Taobao sellers, and some people even in a short period of 4 months, riding a bicycle on the car door, leave the head.

love Yuan Yueming "accidentally" to describe yourself with Taobao and the network’s fate, in 2003, the Yuan Ming curious to try to do a few transactions, that is very convenient. Before Taobao shop, Yuan Yueming made nearly six months of market research. Through the investigation, Yuan Yueming found online best-selling products are "clothing, digital electronics, cosmetics" three categories. But at that time, Taobao has yet to launch Alipay online buyers for more than 500 yuan products do not trust, and then express is not mature, in the online purchase of 100 yuan of products less affordable. Therefore, Yuan Yueming was positioned in the price of 100~500 yuan, and the price of this product, he has the most familiar and most interested in MP3.

everything is unusually smooth. Shop opened up second days, there is a baby sold out. There are more than 3000 yuan of profits to do part-time network of second months to third months of profit of more than 10 thousand yuan. And when the fifth month profit reached 20 thousand yuan, Yuan Yueming chose to resign, and began his professional career network.

– selected Global 100 network

online shop to Yuan Yueming brought great wealth, but the cautious in the original did not put all the thoughts on the shop on the.

2004 is the most competitive Taobao and eBay, I also saw Taobao step by step, eBay step by step down the decline. There was a time when Taobao and eBay didn’t have much business in 2004, and I was worried that the bubble economy was coming again, and that we would have no time to eat. In order to make up for this crisis, decided to open a physical store." Yuan Yueming said.

now, Yuan Yueming in the city’s physical store has opened three, the contents of the product >

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