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recently released the first white paper and Amazon Chinese ", from the commodity property, geographical characteristics, brand preference analysis of the past year China consumers in food and beverage category, fresh buying habits, and were launched three categories of sales charts and chowhound city rankings, with the Spring Festival shopping for consumers Chinese weathervane. In the four list, imported wine to taste favorite delicacy, fresh and Wine overseas direct mining is showing strong growth, as of December 2015, total sales reached fresh Museum launched in May to nearly 6 times at the beginning. From the city distribution, the southern city of Chinese occupies "chowhound" city rankings subject, West to Chengdu thriving into the first ten.

According to

reports, Amazon Chinese 2015 the most popular delicacy in the top 100 47 are imported food, and fresh in the top 100 in nearly 70 products for imported products, wine from the top 100 to see more than 60 imported liquor occupy.

Western food ingredients imported into the table darling fruit into raw fresh sales Wang

with the quickening pace of life, oats, corn chips and other typical western breakfast has become a habit, chocolate has become one of the essential snacks at home. Among them, Quaker Oats are among the most popular delicacy in ninth, the famous Swiss chocolate brand Toblerone Swiss triangle there are two flavors of chocolate into the most popular delicacy in the top 50. In the most popular food in the top 100, the import of milk accounted for more than 15, reflecting the people’s attention to the quality of life.

Amazon China’s ten most popular food in 2015:

1 Snickers

2 Oude Bao whole milk

3 a jade Hetian jujube

4 sunshine girl California raisin

5 Ganti ranch milk

6.M& M’s milk chocolate bean

7 Dewin milk

8.7D mango dry

Quaker instant oatmeal


10 Dove crispy rice heart milk chocolate

from Amazon fresh Museum in 2015 sales data, is still the main fruit sales, sales reached 2 times the seafood products ranked second, followed by meat, eggs in third, four. Mexico California avocado, cherry, kiwi, grapefruit, South Africa, New Zealand Australia have become the 2015 category of fresh orange "blast", were in short supply.

Amazon China’s ten most popular fresh products in 2015:

1 Jiangxi Gannan navel orange

2 Mexico avocado

3 California, USA

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