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many people, want to do the intentions and ideas, but only some 80% are blind, not qualitative concept, all want to do too simple, do not know how to plan the site, how to analyze the needs, planning programs, to achieve profitability. Often one is the domain name registration, selling space, acquaintances and network company, be in full swing to do it. In fact, if you don’t have to go in accordance with the ideas and steps of the planning and design of the website, you have already deviated from the route, the price is often bloody, too horrible to look at. So we do the site planning, first of all, we need to let the enterprise must understand, how to plan the site in the end, the general steps are how to be clear. So purple Kroraina special summary of some of the principles that allow companies to understand, I hope to help you build your site.

first of all, we clear the status of the Internet, there are many projects, but any projects have to go through a detailed analysis, and planning to ensure that we do not detours, or detours. The operation and management of the website is a kind of information management mode that how to react to the traditional product or industry on the Internet, how to react, and how to realize the profit through the reaction. Therefore, the operation and management of the site has become the key point of the success or failure of the site. (this, the actual operation of the enterprise and our truth is the same, for we all travel website), for the enterprise how the entity in the network operations, we have the following views and suggestions:

1) first of all, it is clear that our site positioning, simply put, we are through the site to make money, is how to make money. So it is a demand, the browser by browsing the contents of our website, see the relevant requirements of the information, and then seek the relevant services.

its idea is nothing more than:

look at the information, see favorite things, pay attention to our website’s latest activities and preferential measures.

wants to think about getting the product or getting the service.

do – contact our business, to get the price of the product and related services standards, the purchase of our services.

2) website planning, according to the demand of Internet surfers, then this section of our site planning should be what, with a few keywords our industry: Purple Kroraina, website construction, combined with our embodied through what keyword (it’s clear), is certainly: domain name, virtual host, website planning, website design, SEO, and other related knowledge of. In a word, is how to show the website information, attracted a large number of web browsers, from which we generate the intention of customers. This can be targeted planning columns.

3) website construction, website needs clear, in fact, as the construction site is in accordance with the procedure interface and write code, although it is our main work, but compared to the site planning analysis revealed that the focus is not so. "

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