How to spend the least money ranked first in Baidu search results

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data show that: in the first quarter of 2009, Baidu market share of up to 74.1%, as many as a dozen search engines in the Chinese market, accounting for almost the entire network search industry. Also shows that Baidu has become China’s more than 300 million Internet users must pass through the internet.

so in the new mode of network marketing search engine marketing, how to make good use of the Baidu monopoly, spend the least money to win the biggest promotion conversion rate, will be a bottomless. The author should be "guest Network Marketing Institute invited Baidu search engine marketing in the special case of a simple statement of experience, hope to rely on Baidu to promote business survival of the 300 thousand Chinese help small and medium-sized enterprises. At the same time also hope to engage in network marketing and network marketing will be engaged in the work of friends help.

The puzzle of

Baidu bidding mechanism — mass number

The bidding mechanism of Baidu

, like a mystery, attracting countless people to study, based on the author’s research, share a term Baidu bidding mechanism here: the number of quality — Baidu promotion creative and non physical terms.

According to a

page title, description, page content, page structure rationality and so on (related to SEM basic knowledge of SEO, in order to understand please go to the guest network marketing college, here not much said), and then the system selects a comprehensive quality index number, the index value is 1 the point of origin. That is to spend the least money and focus on the first row, this paper also broke the previous network can not be found, please pay attention to the collection.

and then look at the picture below, the author in the promotion of Baidu query "network marketing" word promotion sort. According to this understanding, this ranking is Baidu promotion of national ranking, and not according to not allow the user to select the query according to the region, so you in Baidu search results, and this is certainly the reason on regional query is different.




figure: Baidu promotion Keywords network marketing promotion sort


can be seen from the figure, it is self-evident that the query results list is Baidu promotion ranking, Baidu, on the "network marketing" promotion of the first sort is "gxbaidu" (the Guangxi region of other provinces and cities to launch, Baidu).

we will ask, what is the meaning of ranking index? The first click once to spend much money? Baidu and no clear information signs, but the number of key quality precisely this ranking index mentioned above.

comprehensive ranking index = actual click bid × mass number

this relationship strictly points should be written: comprehensive ranking index = actual click bid × mass number &time>

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