Micro blog marketing decryption a team of 20 account stars are also involved

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BiaNews special report has not thought of you every day, looking at a few large micro-blog hair joke happy, feel very enjoyable, but these account but secretly earned pours, and attention and forwarding work for these large indirect form.

in May last year, micro-blog arena three big head Cai Wensheng, Du Zijian, wine red blue surfaced, the concept of micro-blog marketing has entered the public eye, and now a lot of people will be micro-blog marketing as a venture, a stampede in time.

Sina grassroots popularity in the list, the top 100 fans have been over the amount of the amount of one million, while the number of cold jokes in the first selection of fans is to reach the amount of more than 9 million 930 thousand of the total number of fans in the world, micro-blog.

forward 550 yuan

million in revenue

BiaNews get a quote from micro-blog, a micro-blog marketing insiders said the offer is basically true, but it is not necessarily a team, these do micro-blog large team also integrate other large. But BiaNews found that the presence of these 17 micro-blog accounts forwarded to each other, the possibility of the same team operations.

to 2 million 560 thousand of the highest number of fans of the wonderful film, for example, soft wide original $650 a forward a $550; hard wide original $850 a forward $720 a. The micro-blog forward today 5 soft wide, revenue of $2750. Monthly income of about 82 thousand.

from the lowest number of fans 200 thousand happy Meng shopping point of view, the 3 hard wide original, the spread of the 5 hard wide, income 200*3+130*5=1250 yuan, about $37 thousand monthly income.

the 17 micro-blog today basic forwarding advertising are more than 4, if calculated by soft Guangping average price of 300 yuan, 17 micro-blog day income of 300*4*17=2 million, the company’s January earnings conservatism in more than 600 thousand, the annual income of up to 7 million 200 thousand.

BiaNews was also informed that the cold joke featured in the hands of the team for micro-blog marketing account more than 20 (or include the integration of other accounts), since the operation of not less than 15, the advertising price of thousands.

transaction process

does not guarantee the effect of

these statements show the transaction process has also been confirmed by the industry:

new customers do not accept the bargain, initial cooperation need to pay again, each piece of content to be vetted through to send confirmation, can not be changed after the release; forwarding number and the number of reviews without commitment; if there is deleted or blocked will provide screenshots; 10 minutes be harmonious full refund; to become regular customers. Can be packaged and week preferential payment; transfer the general use of alipay.

micro-blog advertising release process is very simple, look at the content – offer – pay – forward, but for the authenticity of the micro-blog blogger, blogger >

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