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small electricity supplier even blowing cold wind fashion department store B2C Yao point 100 suspended operations

news review: the first half of 2012, a large number of large electricity providers have joined the price war, which makes small and medium-sized electricity supplier market share has shrunk further, the development of more difficult. IResearch latest statistics show that in the two quarter, the domestic B2C market sales of $89 billion 350 million, an increase of 43.7%, an increase of more than 140%.

at the same time, the price war to make online shopping market concentration increased dramatically, in addition to the top ten commercial enterprises, the rest of the electricity market share compared with the last quarter fell 50%, only about 5%.

market share reduction, large electricity supplier suppressed, so that the development of small and medium enterprises increasingly difficult road. In recent days, Yao point 100 accused wages nearly half a year, on the official website also announced that: for office and room upgrade relocation, suspend site operations, and no longer accept orders for July 28th. Coincidentally, the luxury electric providers to share network a few days ago in sudden layoffs, and red child, Martha Marceau or by financing. Small electricity providers in the end how to development, in order to large electric pressure and the same type of business under way through a crowd, this is indeed a problem worth pondering.

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360 web search low-key bright with independent search technology

A5 webmaster network news, since August 16th 360 web search page ( low-key phase, 3B events in full swing. 360 comprehensive search will be the 360 search, Baidu search, Google search interface integrated on a page, to achieve a fast switching between different search engines, which to a certain extent, facilitate the user’s search. So, the 360 launch of the integrated search will shake Baidu’s market position, what can change the pattern of the search engine, but also to bring the webmaster what?

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