WeChat public navigation website mad burn to shape the traffic entrance

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March 27th news, the growing number of WeChat public numbers are becoming entrepreneurs targeting new markets. Billion state power network to understand, the country has begun to appear in many public number WeChat navigation site, trying to build traffic entrance for the public number of fans into.

it is understood that WeChat home page, WeChat public number navigation, WeChat navigation network, V letter 173, as well as the recent high-profile on-line sweep treasure network, etc. are trying to navigate the model from the WeChat public numbers mining business opportunities. In addition, the mobile terminal has begun to appear micro channel public number navigation class App.

mobile terminal WeChat public number navigation application

navigation website in the model is similar to the above, are displayed by WeChat public number and recommended ways to guide users to focus. In the way of attention, two-dimensional code has become a very important medium – the user can directly scan the public number of two-dimensional code, from the PC to the mobile terminal.

in the direction of navigation, navigation website to guide users are divided into two types, one is directly oriented public attention page, another is to guide the user to focus on the public number, while businesses get a coupon or discount information.

and in the business model, some of the public number of navigation site has initially applied store or buy navigation business model prototype – to provide the opportunity to show and recommend, collect the corresponding costs.

in March this year officially launched the sweeping Po network behind trader is WeChat third party developers North Han technology. Previously, the main business of the North Han technology is "micro bridge", to help businesses build WeChat official website.

but with the advance of the business, the North China Science and technology found that the customer service in WeChat official website to build up, there is a big demand is to attract fans. Therefore, the North China Science and technology to expand the service to the fans of the import, which has become an opportunity to build a treasure network.

two-dimensional code is an important treasure to sweep the media into the fan

however, to become the flow of the entrance of the public number of WeChat, sweep treasure network must first for their own drainage. This means that marketing and drainage will become the biggest cost of inputs. Sweeping Po network operations director Zhao Guoxu told billion state power network, sweeping Po network currently only in the Baidu search engine advertising investment has reached 20 million.

huge investment behind the need for capital support. Sweep treasure network has revealed that it has received 8 million yuan of venture capital, including an investment from Tencent’s company.

of course, WeChat public number navigation can buy navigation website, like the establishment of their own business model, remains to be seen. On the one hand, if you do not have a huge traffic, navigation site is difficult to attract public numbers settled, it is difficult to charge fees. On the other hand, the number of public navigation is a very difficult to improve the depth of access to the model, the user to find the public interest number, attention, after the behavior will be transferred to the phone. Navigation site

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