12306 difficult monopoly overbearing caused by today’s dilemma

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just a lapse of less than a week, just in September 18th announced the completion of an upgrade of the 12306.cn, and into a new round of upgrading.

, the only official website of the Ministry of railways, used a rolling caption on the front page to apologize to disappointed buyers.

this will be in the future for a long time to become the norm. According to the information disclosed by the media, Tai Chi shares, with the science and technology and ChinaNetCenter winning "a new generation of ticket system projects, the bid amount was 199 million yuan and 130 million yuan, the bidding and purchasing equipment and technology, are gradually put into use.

with the flow of National Day Golden Week return booking peak receded, around 12360 new on-line "Freight e-commerce platform" "freight organization reform", also like a raging fire. It is worth noting that, with the ticket system with a domain name in this platform, everything is working properly, and there is no upgrade problems.

12306 Internet Ticketing system is based on China Railway Ticketing and booking system (ticketing system), which is the core system. Ticketing system in 10 years of operation has completed the upgrade of the 6, but still can not solve the problem such as holidays and other peak travel tickets difficult. Not understanding the public is up to upgrade the development costs above hundred million yuan, and the purchase of all kinds of won’t listen to reason why processes and bad experience, there is such a huge contrast. It is a difficult business, the Ministry of Railways alone to stick to


overbearing trading

if the Ministry of Railways is a company, then their business is too overbearing. Liu Zhou (a pseudonym) said.

this is the third time she spent the whole day sitting in front of the computer brush 12306. She needs a total of 4 times to buy train ticket from Beijing to Shanghai, from Shanghai to Zhejiang and return home, and in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of railways, the tickets on-line time, respectively in 4 different days.

wait and congestion are expected, but eventually let Liu collapse, is in the middle of the upgrade in 9, the increase of the queue function of 12306. When you see the queue for the countdown again from 5 minutes to 28 minutes on the site, and finally show no votes, Liu Chau said, "in addition to the internal leave ticket, what can explain such a nonsensical countdown?"

but the Ministry of Railways has never made a formal response to similar queries through official channels. In September 24th, some media reported that the Ministry of Railways canceled this feature, but as of press time reporter, queuing continues.

so difficult online shopping experience, but also to promote the birth of a large number of science and technology, in the name of the individual and the company released a computer browser scripts, endless. Not even on the phone. For example, on Apple’s mobile phone, buy fire >

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