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today, haze shrouded the Chinese earth, environmental issues have attracted more and more attention and thinking around the world. But how to manage, this is placed in front of a difficult problem. In the field of TMT, China’s annual elimination of 3-4 billion mobile phones, while the old mobile phone recycling rate of less than 2%, the vast majority of abandoned mobile phones become the source of environmental pollution.

how to solve the problem of e-waste pollution and save the environment for human survival. Of course, China some foresight enterprises to solve this problem in Chinese. Recently, the blue whale TMT interviewed love recycling founder and CEO Chen Xuefeng to focus on second-hand digital products recycling market.

How will the second-hand mobile phone

and other electronic waste turning waste into treasure, Chen Xuefeng said.

two mobile phone mobile phone how to "treasure"

U.S. market research firm International Data Corporation statistics, China’s annual sales of 4-5 billion new phones, out of 3-4 billion, but the old mobile phone recycling rate of less than 2%.

IDC report shows that in 2015 the global mobile phone shipments for the second 81 million 300 thousand, and in 2020 will reach 222 million 600 thousand, which means that the compound annual growth rate of 22.3%. Among them, the North American market for second-hand mobile phone shipments to 55 million 200 thousand, while in 2015 was 15 million 200 thousand.

"love recovery at present mobile phone capacity reached more than 500, the recovery of 30% of the amount of the flow of the pocket and Jingdong Youpin youpin."

Chen Xuefeng revealed that the current love recovery still focus on the mobile phone business, but the business lines have been related to the tablet computer, laptops, digital cameras, SLR camera, MP3/MP4, drones and other digital electronic products recycling service, preliminary statistics has covered 11 categories, nearly 8000 type no.. In addition, the love has been gradually launched online smart watch / bracelet, smart glasses, GoPro and more intelligent 3C category, and all kinds of household appliances.

public information, love recycling was founded in 2009, Jingdong group strategic partner, the world bank investment in Chinese enterprises. At present, the business covers the whole country, the mall has 200 stores. The company is committed to long-term use of commercial power environmental protection concept landing, current annual processing volume reached more than 500 of mobile phone.

domestic market, love recycling has in the East, north, West, Southern China, five large central area construction of nearly million square meters of operation center, quality inspection, warehousing, sorting, collection of logistics functions, can be in 2 days across the country had average daily turnover throughput million orders.

third party data show that in 2016 the annual turnover of 1 billion 800 million yuan love recovery in 18, a second tier city domestic line opened recycling service station, to reach the depth of cooperation with the Jingdong, millet, Samsung, Xinjiang and other platform and brand, occupy more than half the market share of electronic products recycling.

"love recycling" how to survive in the cause of public welfare?

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