China cracked the first fake network reporter fraud the true face of China’s rule of Law Network

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? A have hundreds of so-called "news network" large-scale illegal sites, can be linked with a number of well-known sites, and set up more than and 30 provincial channels in the country to blackmail the issue of "inside information" for money. Recently, in Xingtang County, Hebei Province Public Security Bureau under the blow, this is known as China’s first cracked the "false news network fraud cases insider gradually surfaced.

False news network "


this May 29th morning, Xingtang County Public Security Bureau received a report: Land Resources Bureau alleged China legal network reporter man, driving a standard police car to the Land Bureau, said its work in question, "Chinese law requires subscription · information", a very suspicious.

"as a matter of the news media, dealing with such incidents must be cautious." Police chief Li Conggang said, after receiving the alarm, the Public Security Bureau immediately sent a reporter to find out the true identity of the police, police car, and whether there is a police certificate, and in accordance with the relevant provisions of the news management, quickly to the county propaganda department to assist in the investigation report, request.

immediately, the police in Xingtang County Government guesthouse door found report of the judicial police and three journalists. After a simple inquiry, the police found, driving police were not the judicial police, the police also fake police car deck. Police officers with the upcoming three people back to the public security organs to do further investigation.

county Party committee, propaganda minister Li Zhanling said, three people holding "news work permit" and the general press card is not very different, the difference is not on the State Press and Publication Administration of stamp, just "Chinese law net" stamp, according to the reporter certificate inquiry website online inquiry, but directly into the "Chinese law net" website "very true, but also links to many well-known sites, set up more than and 30 provincial channels, and clearly identifies the three reporter correspondent card. Police call three people on the phone number of the business card, answered the woman answered the phone here is the rule of law in China, welcome your advice, confirmed that the reporter is true. All of this, so this is not the bottom policemen and propagandist cadre into the yunliwuli.

According to the

County Public Security Bureau Wang Lujun introduction, three journalists said they are "China law net" website employ network reporter, to "Chinese subscription law network · information", the car is borrowed, the press card is "Chinese law net" website issued. Li Zhanling said, we are shilly-shally, claiming to be a China law network editor named Jing based man to call the county propaganda department, said several "reporters" true identity. Review the work immediately miwuchongchong striking one snag after another.

, however, is suspicious, the police see three people in the carry on items, one of them deliberately put a wad of bills fell on the ground, the police found the wit to pick it up, "the rule of law is Chinese · network; information" subscription subscription documents, according to the records, three people had to go to Baoding, Cangzhou, Xingtai and other places a number of government departments to reporters.

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