nternet plus Losers behind the trend of the rich generation and non mainstream two rich generation

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[note] "I world network operators Internet plus" on the one hand to the three or four coastal line of the city’s large manufacturing industry has brought disaster, there is the traditional business owners cannot adapt to this rhythm, started to complain about how Ma "not enjoy popular support". On the other hand, Yiwu, Wenzhou and other places of private colleges and universities to provide a new model of running schools. Those universities, from the first day of school began to teach people to do Taobao.



Muhang Zheng


Alibaba’s explosive growth, a large number of manufacturing enterprises in coastal areas closed down, for China’s more than and 10 years of change provides a note.

once, a traditional clothing enterprise boss complained to me about how Ma "not enjoy popular support". The boss is a native of Shantou, 45. His wife is from Wenzhou. In the three or four coastal cities, the highest level of this generation of entrepreneurs is generally high school or lower. They were born in 60s or earlier. When they were young, the courses taught in the school were very little about the common sense of economics, which is recognized by economists in the world today. It can be said that they do not have much effective education. When all the students "Qi thousands upon thousands of horses and soldiers bridge" when they first get rich by hard work and a certain speculative ability, and become millionaires and billionaires at the end of the last century. They rarely read those books in the bookcase office management, they are only interested in seeing things, willing to listen to the views of friends, but never going to pay professional analysis.

My friend

production of clothing clothing quality is better than the general market, however, he has so far mainly for a brand to do OEM production. Because prices rise too fast after the rent is too high and give up the idea for the store, he also Internet plus a hiring manager for Taobao shop. The hiring manager is not to force, also colluded with the "second" website, kickbacks. The result is a loss of millions. His final conclusion is that in this era, if the new project is 100% of the losses, while adhering to the traditional project, it is a loss of 10%. He didn’t want to give up his job because he didn’t know what to do in the next few decades. In this way, the two evils take their light, he was determined to continue to adhere to.

however, Internet plus for young people, it means another chance. Especially after 80, they grow up in the time of China’s Internet industry is booming. From OICQ to MSN, from MSN to QQ, from BBS to blog, from blog to micro-blog to WeChat. Each stage of development of the Internet have their shadow. For 90, they are more familiar with the network era in the primary school. It can be said that they are in the era of network spokesman and goers.

so, Internet plus a disaster has brought a large number of manufacturing three or four coastal line of the city, but also to Yiwu, Wenzhou and other places of private colleges and universities (including two college owned private) provides a new.

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