Gmail part of the resumption of access to third party clients can receive mail

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Gmail partially restore access to

[TechWeb] December 31st news, according to some Gmail user feedback, from yesterday on the Gmail can be part of the collection of mail, but there are still problems sending e-mail.

it is understood that since the beginning of this month, 26 suspected IP blocked Gmail, after the end of the Web can not be used, the client can not be used in the third party. In this regard, a spokesman for Google said they had checked the problem, and did not find their service out of the question.

industry insiders pointed out that the blockade of the Google IP method by a specific port blockade into route blocked, IP completely accessible, Gmail can not accept and send. The route is blocked by the blockade of the IMAP/POP3/SMIP port, completely enjoy the Twitter level of treatment. SMTP, which is a simple mail transfer protocol, is the core protocol of the entire email system. SMTP server is to follow the SMTP protocol to send mail server, used to send or send an e-mail.

as of now, the user has gradually found a part of the Gmail account to restore operation. (Aruhan)

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