Market downturn the network marketing how to do

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Now most

products market has reached saturation, which makes many small and medium-sized enterprises reached a fork in the road, facing two problems: 1 years ago, products in short supply, big profits, also made a fortune, now facing loss can’t be sold off, stop, investment in other industries. 2, operating for so many years, we have the best technology, the best quality, must meet the difficulties, through the storm. The first case is not considered, we are the second case, because the market downturn, the product is very low profit, how to use the best way to sell the product.

said this marketing, has more than two kinds, one is the shopkeeper, a peddler. It is actively looking for business customers, there is a problem of funding to go out at every turn tens of thousands, finally earn enough money into a single. The shopkeeper is home purchase at home and other customers, or through a network of sales. Now the network is more and more developed, what B2B, o2o, C2C, C2B platform a lot of good, it is said that there should be tens of thousands of people, the physical market squeeze the living space is small. So now network sales is the best way to sell.

to do the first network sales network will be able to understand the network, research network, find skills.

is now the majority of small and medium enterprises have begun to do network promotion products, so how can we do to make the best marketing results? There are so many ways to promote:

1, by B2B platform, according to the analysis of my years, including the webmaster and standing in the point of view of enterprise network technology level analysis, Alibaba ranked first, followed by the HC, fully deserve, then there are some professional B2B, the other is nonsense, they rely on profit is fooled by the business owners do not understand network. The Alibaba began to hire a lot of new technical personnel from last year, the optimization platform, constantly optimize the product, technology has reached the point that reach the peak of perfection, relying on technology to win, through the long tail keywords in Baidu ranking, Baidu on the flow. Talk about this a few years HC, HC constantly and Baidu cooperation, each cooperation is tens of millions of water, it is not today (2014-8-29), HC and Baidu again with other product keywords ranking. The technology is not good, the money to drop. Don’t say anything else. To sum up, most of their customers from Baidu.

2, customers generally looking for products to find companies, mostly through Baidu search to find. Then we can do Baidu from the source to find customers. Do Baidu there are two ways, one is to promote Baidu PPC, a keyword is a natural ranking, there is said to be SEO, said to be SEM, completely rely on technology. Do Baidu for the best effect, is the most direct, disadvantage is the burn, unless you have the strength, I not for money, is to destroy the opponent, the general enterprise will not do. So do SEO or SEM? How is the effect? How to do it? To do a good job of natural flow must have two conditions, detailed understanding of the product, production details, etc.

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