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in the local website, every webmaster should be soberly aware of the difficulty of website publicity, so as to achieve the purpose of website construction. For example, whether you are a webmaster or business, you set up a local specialty trading website. If you are the owner of the site, this is the first to show that you are a very recent business, through the network to achieve their own transactions to the transformation of e-commerce. But the website construction, if you store is not famous, are you still use the original method, the QQ group is not affected by such a friendly way to advertise your website? Or some ads in various forums, not long after he was a moderator to delete, such a thankless the way people tired and tired.

here, I suggest you use some manufacturing gimmick, make some regular promotion planning to solid and stronger own website marketing. As everyone knows, in the network era of rampant, all kinds of information of all kinds of information publishing platform emerge in an endless stream, is a mixture of fish beads. But the mainstream media (including paper, network) is always an unshakable authority. So, we can make use of a series of news planning in the mainstream media, it will achieve twice the result with half the effort.

, for example, there was a 1000 website, is a "turtle", is a page to the above in the next 1000 months and then every Chinese characters, will be sold as a link to the site keywords Chinese characters. This approach will soon be a large number of media reports, this report will let the webmaster earned a gold.

but then again, you want to get the mainstream media coverage of the initiative, unless you develop software or technology is quite advanced, or your creativity is pretty good. As a local web site, often do not have these conditions, how to use the planning of the news to do a good job of website publicity, which is also a question worth considering.

but really, I called for help in a "Wulong Fenglin skills training school" to engage in online publicity, is the use of this method.

the school’s largest training is "animation training" (unfortunately, with the school’s principal, we are very familiar with the exchange, to the current animation design is not understand). Animation training as a high-end technical training, basically in the scope of computer training in Chongqing have not opened this course. So, for this, I wrote a "southeast of Chongqing, the first animation training institutions located in Wulong," the news manuscript, in the form of correspondents to the mainstream media (mainly to the Chongqing). This manuscript was soon, Hualong network, Chongqing daily media published by Chongqing, (rural) is released in the form of a newspaper. You can imagine, this article published in the mainstream media, get a lot of websites reproduced which will open the opportunity, the school settled in Wulong since the No one shows any interest in the situation.

later, I again with the help of the development of Creative Industrial Park County News, write a manuscript, which specifically added a >

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