To the Carrefour to learn flexible website promotion

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although the Carrefour event has not yet subsided, politics aside, as the Internet industry in the US, whether to what in the event of middle school? The answer is yes, in the network, there is a great effect by using the Carrefour incident make flexible website promotion.

example: guestbook

find a message of this program is hanging on the website below, do some eye-catching title, and then put on the video, the netizen aroused indignation, let netizens spread, so one of the water wave effect is complete.

example two: hacker spirit

to do a special attack, take the CNN website as a slogan, put some commonly used DDoS software, are very willing to believe that young cynic spread, so water wave effect is completed two.

example three: voting system

can make up a number of topics, such as:

1, Cafferty stepped out on the mines

2, Cafferty’s wife’s lover is Darai

3, I take the elevator from the 44 floor to floor

has been -44

and so on some interesting voting information together, then advertise, for users, this is undoubtedly a way to vent their anger, so the water wave effect is completed three.

: four cases of heart

Chinese surnames

China surnames the originality of the heart is very good, Baidu billboard was among the crowd, use more widely, after all China heart by a lot of users favorite, and combined with the last name, it is natural to match up, release the download address, so the four wave effect is complete. But this is only a temporary effect, such as the heat of three minutes, the head is also replaced by the original.

These methods are

through QQ, forum and blog to spread, there is a 30% chance will not be blocked, which is 40% of the audience, the flow is enough, the combination of four methods, the effect will be transferred as Tencent torch, the Yangtze River and the Yellow River flooding in an unbroken line, such as hair and get out of hand.

In fact, these

for hot news promotion methods can be applied flexibly, such as the year 911 events, can do a missile to do a portrait of surnames, anti base forum, performance will be worse than current anti CNN forum low popularity. Hot news is limited, but the idea is infinite, the current hot news to bring us some new friends, Why not??

there is a question worth considering is that general hot news lasts not long, a barrier is the timeliness of hot news, this time after the discharge times variable was decreased, so the need to have a keen observation, grasp the current hot news, in short, flexible application website promotion skills are basic skills.

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