How to reduce the loss of traffic on the site advertising

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in my opinion, the use of the site to profit regardless of the three models, namely: selling products, selling services, selling advertising. Through the web site to sell products and services, we do not say that this form of intuitive expression. For the sale of advertising this profit model, the flow of the site has become an indispensable standard. If a web site traffic more, in its Web site advertising opportunities to get more customers. But I’ve been thinking, in this way we get customers, but only those who browse not click on the ads is not lost in vain? You might say that this is a personal problem, yes, but the profit maximization, how we will lost most of the crowd into our



since I have some questions, I’ll say some of my ideas. I think the user would like to turn into the loss of the user may click on the ads there are three points can refer to:

the first point: accurate delineation of the target market and target customers

I think we have to focus on the company’s core around the site to set up, around how to achieve the target customers to write (including video images) advertising. And it is worth noting that you are facing a different consumer psychology crowd, which requires you to understand the characteristics of the target customers, do they can accept advertising. The purpose of this is to narrow the scope of your target customer groups to narrow, rather than look at the flow of large, choose to put. Do an effective advertising campaign.

in the site optimization, found that the site average daily traffic of more than 9000IP, but we should note that there is a part of the browsing jump directly, we spread information over the Internet, some browsers are meaningless for us to remove this part, reduces the scope, not in the removal of advertising, the scope of and then you shrink, how much is left


second: tell the customer what you can bring to him in

this point is not simple, we know that advertising on the site, the general advertising form, in a small area, it is difficult to place many specific interpretations, in this case, I think we should first determine is: bring the interests of customers. Use this to determine the language of advertising. It is, we need to understand what customers want, customers concerned about the problem, use these to introduce them to our service and reputation. Finally, it should be observed that your information can be directly communicated to the customer in front of.

third: we don’t have much

this should be regarded as a means of marketing, the purpose is to give customers a sense of urgency through advertising language. This invisible feeling can greatly enhance the probability of successful marketing. It is important to note that your service should be able to effectively solve

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