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today’s Internet industry is booming, its influence has penetrated into our work and life. At the same time more and more enterprises begin to build their own websites, to join the ranks of the network marketing, e-commerce has become the mainstream of business. So how can we establish a reasonable business electricity supplier planning?.

in the establishment of enterprise electricity supplier process, we need to conduct a reasonable pre analysis. We need to plan to build their own enterprise product sales channels, such as the establishment of independent B2C site or take part in the establishment of the electronic business platform flagship store. When a new enterprise products appear on the Internet, the site’s visibility is often zero, so in the early analysis, we need to consider how to build their own network brand. In addition, pay attention to the cost advantage of the enterprise, with the market of product differentiation is very important, because it will affect your company’s product promotion program. For example, IDC industry website products basically include cloud hosting, hosting, server rental / domain name registration, and eight degree network ( in the cloud hosting product category added by the platform of cloud products of its own with convenient operation experience hit in the industry, so the product difference and superiority it is very important.

for the electricity supplier companies, an official website of the enterprise is also an independent platform for the company’s B2C, so the layout of the layout in line with consumer habits is necessary. First of all, in the site planning, we must clear the positioning of the site, the design of the web site, the layout of the web structure (such as the structure of the file directory, the chain of coherence and interconnection), etc.. Secondly, the design of the page and update the content need to pay attention to the important elements of the site highlights, in particular, need to pay attention to simple and easy to understand without clutter. In visual design, the style of the website should match the image of the enterprise, such as the eight degree network registered trademark for the blue tone, then the site’s main tone is also set to the corresponding blue. Not only the image of the enterprise and the corresponding, also highlights the brand characteristics; in merchandise presentation, eight degrees with the public network using the habit of thinking mode of classification, the product is quite reasonable; in the aspect of interaction, the site should be set up a sound interactive mechanism, such as columns, answer complaints column, this not only to improve the user experience, but also facilitate the website of the user’s information collection and analysis.

pointed out the importance of the design and content of the site, we read in detail the internal optimization of the site. From the customer information level, the design of navigation experience for visitors is very large, easy to understand the functionality of the site and the distribution of content is the user’s favorite navigation, it can provide users with a convenient experience. Similarly, the column position in line with the user’s thinking and behavior habits, and the performance of the content to fully experience the primary and secondary users can also have a good experience. From the search engine level, the choice of key words and the density of the design of the site rankings play a very important role in the

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