Student in the days of the earthquake

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We spent 36 hours with

. The night before the site was very late very tired. Yesterday I got up very early to struggle all the time at noon, I was so tired, fell to the bed to take a nap.

soon fell asleep when I fell down.

sleep do not know how long after suddenly feel his bed shaking, and a squeaky voice. I think this is our dormitory bunk brother in bed, and so did not open my eyes. At that time, I had only 3 people in my dorm room, I was sleeping and the other two were playing online games, but I heard a brother say, "Zhang Jun, are you shaking the table?". Another voice replied, "no." Then heard a lot of people in the corridor of the sound of running. Mixed with two words: "earthquake". I heard the two words, I woke up. All of a sudden I do not know where to come from the strength of the jump from the bed (I slept on the floor), ran downstairs. The corridor is full of panic stricken people (some wearing only Briefs), ran downstairs fling caution to the winds.

ran downstairs after we left the building at a distance are you naked, also did not have a lot of shoes. The face is still very panic. It occurred to me that my girlfriend didn’t know what it was like, but I felt my pocket because I was too scared to take it off. I was particularly worried about the safety of her side, so I turned my head and rushed upstairs (I live on the 5 floor). At that time, I ran very fast, my heart just don’t know how she flat situation, do not have something ah. When I was on the 5 floor, there were only a few people, and the rest were empty. I will go to the bedroom that the phone turn around and run, this time you know why suddenly afraid. I don’t know what the building will not suddenly collapsed, I will not die.

finally ran out and I immediately called my girlfriend. But how can not get through. I’m worried. I think they’re supposed to be in class right now so they ran to the school building. Went to the teaching downstairs, there have been a lot of people who ran down from the building. I looked for a long time finally saw her intact and several other girls standing under a tree. When my heart is comfortable.

PM, the school said that we had better not go back to the bedroom, nor to the teaching building. We’re just hanging out.

in the evening, I went back to my dorm room to get my wallet and came out. But I still want to do the station.

until 12 in the evening. The school said it should be no problem, we go back to the bedroom to sleep. I’m so happy to hear that. Immediately back to the bedroom to continue to do stand. I put a glass of water on the table, as long as the floor to see the water, I will be able to leave the building as soon as possible.

at 2 in the morning, suddenly the upstairs people started running downstairs again. But I didn’t feel I look at the floor in the jitter, nor what reaction cup. I guess they are a false alarm. So I went on

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