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recently, the first "personal webmaster survival Chinese report" issued, the survey shows that 60% of the individual owners (individual operation construction site, not the company website) has been profitable, the profitability of the main way for electronic commerce and service charge membership fees, the average monthly income of 2661 yuan, and the most profitable types of Web sites and industry is the electronic commerce website and the automotive industry.

it is reported that a total of 1062 individuals participated in the poll. The data also show that in 2008 the global financial crisis began to affect the income of individual sites, there are more than 50% of the site affected by this led to a decline in revenue. But the individual owners on the overall economic environment and future development optimistic, there are still 49% of the personal webmaster website said it would continue to increase in investment, but the main way to strengthen the investment promotion and to optimize the website program.

for the future development of personal business owners in the field, the current number of third party data service providers have begun to provide support. Recently, the reporter from the domestic independent third party data analysis technology service provider CNZZ was informed that since CNZZ’s products improve the webmaster statistics, then focus on the development of commercial market statistics. At present, CNZZ has more than 80 active websites every day to provide the traffic statistics service.

industry analysis, CNZZ released the business statistics, is not a coincidence. Affected by the financial crisis, and now the industry are trying to streamline the cost reduction, advertising and other aspects of the investment, or even reduce the enterprise product sales profit for balance of payments situation smoothly through the crisis in security, which also includes various Internet companies. For this reason, individual owners and some companies are taking advantage of this opportunity to seize the opportunity to promote the use of the lowest cost of the case to promote and enhance the company’s brand and product visibility. As for the promotion of enterprises in terms of the network, the support of the third party data is undoubtedly the only basis for the effectiveness of the guarantee.

Qihoo chairman Zhou Hongyi said, the monthly income of thousands of individual owners are not difficult, the difficulty is to expand personal website. Personal webmaster to achieve great development in the future must learn to cooperate.

According to

statistics, China Internet Network Information Center, as of December 2008, a total of Chinese including portal website, industry website, website, website, area independent website 287.8 million, which accounted for the vast majority of personal website.

              voting: 2009 A5 personal website profit survey.

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