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at the moment, WeChat public platform more and more popular, everyone can have a self media addiction. However, this newspaper recently received a lot of users reflect: WeChat public copy of the contents of the naked eye infringement and other more and more people, many authors and the rights of adults who lamented difficulties, so that they worry.

this, the relevant legal experts said that users encounter similar infringement, more efficient way or in accordance with WeChat or micro-blog service provider infringement complaints, issued a notice of infringement. The WeChat side told reporters that is being improved, will soon introduce relevant rules. Text / reporter Xue Song

as micro-blog platform, now with the WeChat platform is hot, many WeChat public no copyright infringement phenomenon is also increasing, a large number of public, unauthorised copying others news original works, and began to make a profit on this.

WeChat number is increasing. Last November, WeChat announced the number of public accounts on its platform to reach 2 million. If the growth rate of 8000 per day, then, the current number of public accounts WeChat is expected to have more than 2 million 500 thousand, of which the subscription number is 80%. In addition to a large number of personal operations from the media, including some from the media alliance and institutional media, in addition, there are a large number of enterprise operating subscription number.

and, many WeChat number began to click to make money. The day before, WeChat quietly launched advertising system wide point, invited a small number of subscribers number in advertising system testing, subscription number in advertising revenue tax deductible 100% owned by the account holder, each click on the price of 5 cents to 1 yuan. In the public beta since media accounts said the test, 10 days to get into more than a million ads.

a media source commented that WeChat is so popular and does not require any technical threshold, the problem is that everyone can do from the media. Chinese people have a lack of awareness of copyright awareness, if allowed to spread piracy, but in fact it will harm the WeChat platform.

the media said, with the WeChat platform to further expand the number and commercial operation, the copyright issue has always been its not open around a hurdle, should increase the protection of original content.


number of a word does not leak copies of newspaper content

day before, the number of newspaper Photography Department public has encountered such troubles: in February 20th, a native of Guangzhou photography WeChat push the public number one is called "2013 everyone" Jose shadow "article, suspected plagiarism Guangzhou daily Photography Department of WeChat public platform GZphotos push everyone around" there are Jose shadow in the evening of February 19th at 11:30 ".

the title of the article or the contents of all the pages are not copied verbatim copy, in addition to not forwarding the final edit signature and indicate the source. The article even "so remember to bring a camera, pat the woman who loves you. We call for making this (oh ~ ~ ~ we quickly picked up the phase.

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