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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) July 31st news, the balance of treasure income fell again, yesterday’s yield has fallen to 3.307%, once again hit a record low. The balance of high-yield myth can also be rewritten treasure


the balance of treasure as a typical Internet online financial products, has by virtue of its high income, low risk, high flexibility and other advantages of PK off financial savings, many traditional financial tools, online by the favor of investors, although the past earnings also showed a downward trend, but the critical point is to 4% let the online investors by surprise, the   3.35% of the revenue gradually and mass financial investors high returns expected to do.

is accompanied by revenue slip wave, baby product scale shrink. As of the end of the two quarter of this year, the balance of treasure scale of $613 billion 381 million, compared with the end of the first quarter shrunk by $97 billion 743 million, a decline of up to 13.74%. Not only the size of the balance of treasure decline, the rate of return fell. In June 16th this year, the balance of treasure seven annual yield for the first time fell below 4%. Into July, its yield continued to be lower than 3.5%, is currently hovering around 3.35%.

for the balance of treasure yields to new lows, the famous economist Song Qinghui said in an interview, the balance of treasure income even low there are two main reasons: one is the stock market after the callback, the volume continues to rise, resulting in a flow of the balance of treasure funds; two is the major banks to actively develop to their own treasure products, the field of Internet financial innovation and the increasingly fierce competition.

analysts pointed out that the balance of treasure mainly for low-end users, common features of this part of the crowd, the young user occupies a large proportion, generally only buy a short time to redeem the financial products, the yield is high sensitivity, in order to obtain high yields of the trouble, but also attracted to petty. Therefore, once the balance of treasure revenue decline, many investors will quickly transfer funds to other platforms.

with the rise of Internet banking, people have more online financial options. For example, P2P financial yields generally higher than the balance of treasure, which to some extent will encourage investors to transfer funds from the balance of treasure to the P2P platform, resulting in the balance of the scale of treasure shrink.

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