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recently, former director of Tencent Inc accused of working with the more Yue Yu during the occupation of the company under the millions of dollars, and also served as general manager of company of group of online video of Liu Chunning 700 thousand yuan bribery case, has been a verdict: Yue Yu was convicted of embezzlement and the non national staff of bribery crime, imprisonment and execution 9 year.

earlier in the trial, and under Zhang Dongbo, fan Yue Yu Dan had argued that, taking the money, actually is also a part of being grey do the company’s public relations activities, to maintain the relationship of low-cost access to resources, the Department of public expenditure.


, when the court believes that they will be taking Tencent Inc contract payments into one designated account, has been the company’s property is private, embezzlement crime has been completed, is founded.

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news reporter learned that, since the Tencent of "accepting bribes or kickbacks behavior," and the company has engaged in the business competition behavior, and there is a conflict of interest or company Related Transactions Act "and" violations "have strict requirements, once the light is in violation of the provisions, termination of labor relations then, transferred to judicial organs for criminal responsibility.

last year, Tencent Inc had informed four cases of violation of the Tencent high-voltage events, including two cases of termination of labor relations and detention public security organs handling. Yue Yu and Liu Chunning on suspicion of non national staff bribery, was transferred to the public security organs.

Yue Yu and Liu Chunning were on 2013, during the period, leaving Tencent joined Alibaba (). But less than a year later, Yue Yue and Liu Chunning were arrested, the case was considered the Department of Tencent in two after the departure of retaliatory action.

but prior to the Tencent has launched a civil lawsuit against Liu Chunning, the recovery of ten million equity interest in Tencent during the tenure of. Tencent Inc that video team found the problem in the internal audit, then pull Liu Chunning.

since 2014, there have been a number of things (former) employees were arrested by the police.

court found that during the rain and under the fan Yue Dan, Zhang Dongbo et al., conducted on behalf of Tencent Inc and the number of television advertising business and cooperation, is through a designated third party Yue Yu company signed a contract.

the contract were inflated advertising costs, there are millions of funds through the third party company taking, into the rain and fan Yue Dan, Zhang Dongbo pocket.

court finds, Yue Yu 3 million 739 thousand yuan of funds from the Tencent Inc occupied by Zhang Dongbo, 684 thousand yuan, 671 thousand yuan embezzlement of Dan fan.

Yue rainout identified embezzlement, but also by the court during 2012 and 2013, the Tencent Inc purchase Yao off the company’s TV chance kickbacks, the rebate amount is 700 thousand yuan, and to determine the need by paying cash rebate.


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