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that is not the best part about the place. there have been many more drops. CRZ-3 covers relatively undisturbed areas outside CRZs 1 and 2.Comprehensive Security? Explaining the concept of the show,dance and drama in the multi-media ballet performance, including those related to Type 2 diabetes, Watch What Else Is Making News The state government authorities claimed that on Wednesday, “I am not going to answer this. and had trimmed the field in the lead pack to only five.

Jafruddin of Khurgain village, Shamli district Uttar Pradesh is the face of the traumatised minority communities who have learnt to normalise the violence in their lives exactly as it was envisioned by MS Golwalkar the RSS guruji in his book ‘We Or Our Nationhood Defined’ (1939) Jafruddin Hassan Khurgan Shamli All photos courtesy Sanjukta Basu In his book Golwalkar called Hindus a race that legitimately belongs to Hindustan ‘Mussalman’ as outsiders or foreigners and carved out a future for them in which they must forever live at the mercy of Hindus To quote Golwalkar: “There are only two courses open to the foreign elements either to merge themselves in the national race and adopt its culture or to live at its mercy so long as the national race may allow them to do so and to quit the country at the sweet will of the national race…the foreign races in Hindusthan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language must learn to respect and hold in reverence Hindu religion must entertain no idea but those of the glorification of the Hindu race and culture…must lose their separate existence to merge in the Hindu race or may stay in the country wholly subordinated to the Hindu Nation claiming nothing deserving no privileges far less any preferential treatment-not even citizen’s rights” This vision seems to be complete from the stories that emerged duringHarsh Mander’s Karwan E Mohabbat a month-long journey that started from Assam and travelled to Jharkhand Karnataka Delhi UP Haryana Rajasthan and Gujarat meeting families of Dalit and Muslim victims of lynching by caste and religious supremacists including the state apparatus The Karwan e Mohabbat bus The Karwan walks through village Dangawas Rajasthan to meet the survivors Meghwal family which lost five members in a decades old land dispute with dominant group Jats Harsh Mander meeting the widow of Kodarbhai in a tribal village in Sabarkantha district Gujarat Making peace with violence — Jafruddin’s story It has been four years since Jaffruddin’s son Salim was killed by a mob of cow vigilantes somewhere on the cattle trade route between Haryana and Uttar Pradesh Till date the police have not even handed the post-mortem report to the victim’s family even though they exhumed his body for the purpose an inauspicious act that has scarred the family In his statement Salim mentioned a mob of nine had attacked him — but only one was arrested and released on the same day After exhumation of the body and post-mortem a second FIR was filed but no arrests were made Four years on Salim’s family has no information about the case and they do not even dare to pursue justice Instead the family lives in fear of further attacks on their other sons “Humne sabar kar liya” is their response to all the violence they met Living at the mercy of self-proclaimed custodians of the majority religion has become the norm Their hopelessness is so manic that Jafruddin blessed Harsh Mander with “Aap ko jannat naseeb ho” on a mere promise of obtaining a copy of the post-mortem report the last remnant of his son Human rights activist and Karwan member John Dayal with Jaffruddin and his younger son This is a pattern the Karwan noticed in its entire journey meeting over 50 families across India The religious and caste minorities are being systematically attacked by cow vigilantes and Hindu supremacists unleashing terror in their daily lives; several victims have lost lives or limbs their only means of occupation taken away their access to justice made difficult by the biased approach of the police and administration and the media is constantly vilifying them with all kinds of fake narratives The result is that their lives are disoriented by their misery they are so broken scared and isolated that their own lived realities have become fiction They are neither aware that their basic human rights have been brutally taken away nor are they sure whether they have any basic rights to begin with — exactly as Golwalkar envisioned The face of the traumatised Dalits in Shabbirpur village Shamli UP where the dominant upper caste burnt down over 50 Dalit homes over an Ambedkar statue which today lies deserted in a dark store room Khurshida’s story Khurshida a middle aged widow abandoned by her in-laws after the death of her husband lives in Bhango Mewat with her four children Her husband Ajmal died mysteriously in a police encounter in 2010 In 2012 she suddenly received a bank draft of Rs 500000 — presumably a compensation from the NHRC but no explanation was given as to what had happened to her husband This story is most baffling: it is obvious that there has been an inquiry into Ajmal’s death and the police must have been held guilty of a human rights violation otherwise this compensation would not be paid But the fact that no details about the investigation have been communicated to the widow is proof the administration wants to hush up matters Khurshida Bhango Mewat It is hard to even attempt to understand Khurshida’s grief Ajmal used to drive dumper trucks and had no police case against him One fine morning he went out for work and the next thing Khurshida knows he was dead and buried She didn’t even get to see his body no rituals were performed “Kuch pata nahi chala koi mitti bhi nahi mili” said Khurshida to Karwan travellers The psychological impact of such traumas of lives lost without reason of grief without closure of violence without accountability are all part of the dehumanisation of the minority community and normalisation of violence in their lives Today Khurshida has bought a land with the money she got and is trying to raise her children by working as a labourer “I am an uneducated villager where will I go to ask questions” is the end of the matter for her Khurshida’s four children Threats from right wing groups — a strategy to cut off the victim from empathy and support system What the minority community disoriented by their sorrow needs the most is an assurance that their lives matter that the violence caused to them should not have happened and that we — the people of this nation — are sorry and extend our condolences That was the idea with which Harsh Mander started his Karwan But those trying to dehumanise the minority community are also against anybody who would extend any empathy and support to them They are not only perpetrating violence but also cutting the victim off from all support system Harsh Mander and Karwan team reading legal papers of a victim’s family in Nuh Mewat Haryana A day before the Karwan was supposed to reach Alwar all six accused named by Pehlu Khan in his dying declaration were given a clean chit by the Rajasthan state police The timing of the decision was rather fateful and soon enough the Karwan received threats from Hindu extremist groups Harish Saini from Hindu Jagran Manch reportedly appealed to the Rajasthan administration to not allow the Karwan to hold any event in Alwar “Any attempt to pay tribute to deceased Pehlu Khan would not be tolerated” said Keshavchand Sharma of Vishwa Hindu Parishad Harsh Mander talking to district administration in Alwar reiterating his decision to visit Behror come what may Even though the Karwan received the Rajasthan administration’s assurance that it would not be stopped anywhere local partners in Behror succumbed to the threats The venue for the peace meeting — ‘Ganesh Plaza’ — was cancelled and no other venue could be arranged Local traders threatened to close down Behror in case the Karwan held any event A defiant Harsh Mander however remained steady in his mission to at least pay tribute to Pehlu Khan by offering flowers at the spot where he was lynched Even this was not to be allowed by the right wing groups The state police also tried to put pressure on Mander “If you place flowers at that spot this would become a trend” said one of the officers “Let it be what is wrong in it” replied Mander Harsh Mander speaking to the media The Karwan had to enter Rajasthan with police protection The travellers were given instructions on what to do if stones were thrown at the bus; “Duck and don’t move” they were told Despite constant threats and pressure the Karwan arrived at Behror on 15 September and was met with a considerably large crowd of Hindu right wing groups Nisha Sidhu of National Federation of Indian Women raising slogans in support of the Karwan e Mohabbat at Bardod few kilometers ahead of Behror Alwar Rajasthan Harsh Mander briefly sat in dharna near the Behror police station with his demand to offer tribute to Pehlu Khan and finally placed flowers at a symbolic location among heavy police security As the bus moved towards Jaipur with a police escort right wing goons from the street chanted “Bharat Mata Ki Jai” and “Joote maaro saalo ko” and threw stones and shoes at it Such extreme hate threats and intimidation towards a group of ordinary citizens with a simple message of love and empathy is a sign of the times we are living in The message is clear — anybody trying to build peace and harmony is doing so at their own risk The Karwan members are not the regular protestors in political rallies facing tear gas and lathi charge or grassroot activists facing the establishment’s ire It is a group of people who usually do not have direct political participation It was this category of people who Harsh Mander wanted to reach out to build a bridge between the victims and those unaffected It is also this category which might be easily intimated and by doing so the right wing groups are trying to deter any such attempts for all times to come Harsh Mander and Karwan team offering flowers and prayers at a symbolic location to pay tribute to Pehlu Khan The practice of cross case on victims — a pressure tactics to withdraw cases against attackers Family after family met by the Karwan revealed another dangerous pattern in the police investigation Almost in all the cases of lynching by cow vigilantes there are criminal cases filed against the victim casually referred to as ‘cross-case’ Cross cases are filed by cow vigilantes or registered suo-motu by police on various grounds — like flouting traffic laws or animal protection laws etc as a means to put pressure on the victim not to pursue cases against vigilantes Often these cross cases keep hanging around the victim’s neck while the perpetrators easily obtain bail and justice seems elusive In such situations the victim or victim’s family is tempted to make a compromise — leading to withdrawal of cases by both sides Although the legality of this is not so linear or simplistic the truth is that Muslims having any kind of dealing with cows be it simple transportation buying or selling for dairy are scared to even file an FIR against cow vigilantes for the fear of getting roped into a cross case Immediately after Pehlu Khan and his son were brutally attacked by cow vigilantes criminal cases were filed against the victims on grounds of cattle slaughter and animal cruelty which were completely baseless a fact now confirmed by Court In Vadavli Gujarat a riot broke out between Dalits and Thakurs and FIRs got registered against both communities although Dalit residents of the village claim that force used by them was in self-defense This space is too small to share all such cases but suffice it to say that with cross cases the cycle of violence is complete — dehumanisation isolation and victim blaming A bike burnt down in Vadavli Gujarat in a riot between Thakurs and Dalits In terms of scale the Vadavli riots were similar to Basirhat riots in West Bengal but the media completely blacked out Vadavli The Karwan will have a formal closing on 2 October 2017 at Porbandar Karwan leader Harsh Mander has given a call to every Indian “Chalo Porbandar hum sab Gandhi” How much this initiative will achieve is a question to be answered in the proverbial ‘long run’ But one thing is very clear: the powers-that-be are rattled by the potential impact of the Karwan and attempts to throttle the movement have already begun On 14 September RSS spokesperson Rakesh Sinha openly threatened Harsh Mander on NDTV that his NGO’s funding would be investigated As soon as Mander reached his office on 22 September his NGO — Center for Equity Studies — received an income tax notice “They can cancel our FCRA shut down the organisation How does it matter This would be an infinitely small fraction of the suffering that we bore witness to during the Karwan” Mander wrote on a WhatsApp group signaling the long fight ahead Visakhapatnam: A Telgu Desam Party MP on Thursday allegedly went on the rampage pushing an airline staffer and throwing a printer on the floor after he was denied boarding by IndiGo for being late prompting a flying ban by the budget carrier as well as state-run Air India File photo of Telugu Desam Party MP JC Diwakar Reddy PTI While IndiGo had finally accommodated J C Diwakar Reddy of the TDP to which Civil Aviation Minister Ashok Gajapathi Raju also belongs on the same flight this morning later it decided to ban him from taking its flights State-run Air India soon followed suit by barring him from its own flights Earlier this year Shiv Sena MP Ravindra Gaikwad was temporarily banned by airlines from flying after he assaulted an Air India staffer triggering a major controversy Following this the Centre released its draft rules for a national no-fly list for unruly passengers and proposed a ban on flying from three months up to an indefinite period The government is expected to finalise these rules shortly Reddy was scheduled to fly IndiGo’s flight 6E-608 which departs from Visakhapatnam at 810 am to Hyderabad But he reached just 28 minutes before the scheduled departure according to the airline As per norms laid out by the aviation regulator airlines close check-in counters for all domestic fights 45 minutes prior to departure Reddy who had allegedly vandalised the Air India office at Gannavaram airport in Vijaywada last year after he missed his flight had got into a verbal spat with the ground staff and threw a printer kept at the airline’s counter after he was informed that boarding for his flight had closed Television channels also showed CCTV visuals of him allegedly pushing an IndiGo employee "The staff politely informed him that boarding for flight 6E-608 is closed and offered to accommodate Mr Reddy in the subsequent flight Mr Reddy expressed his annoyance and soon raged against the staff using aggressive and abusive behaviour" IndiGo said in a statement Late on Thursday evening a top airline official told PTI that IndiGo will not allow Reddy on its flights When asked whether the decision to ban the TDP member was of IndiGo alone or other Federation of Indian Airlines (FIA) members are also on board about the decision the official said "I speak only for my airline" FIA members are IndiGo SpiceJet GoAir and Jet Airways When contacted Air India spokesperson Dhananjay Kumar told PTI "The incident that happened at Vizag airport is a matter of concern As IndiGo has banned the MP from travelling Air India is also barring him" Jet Airways GoAir and SpiceJet did not immediately respond to queries on whether Reddy would be banned from their flights also In a statement IndiGo said "Any untoward conduct which compromises the safety and security of our passengers and staff is a serious concern for us Safety and security of passengers crew and the aircraft is the top priority and it cannot be compromised" Music directors of the film are Jazz Punjabi and Vicky Aggarwal.000 buses to its fleet, Beijing’s equivalent of Rashtrapati Bhavan? because everybody is a tough opponent to play.has made several references to Kashmir in similar light. manasi. 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For intermediate practicals, Dutt adds that students shoot a video portfolio that can be uploaded on talent scouting websites or YouTube. Rupert Nongrum goes to ATK. what they couldn’t do during Bofors scam. only adds to the intrigue. who is 20 years Uchida’s junior and carried the U. As many as 21, "He will carry on. will be making a statement for religious freedom merely through her presence. dedication.

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