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1 hot money Zaixi online education two quarter of next year or the closures of  

after half a year of silence, the heat of online education with the 2014 Summer heating up again.

According to Tencent

science and Technology Statistics found that in the past July, only reveal to the public online educational investment case reached 6 pen. Since 2013, China’s online education in the field of large investment cases has more than 40 pens, the total amount of investment in the disclosure of more than $200 million.

in addition to Tencent, Baidu, Ali, including where to go, and many other Internet Co have invested in the field of online education through the Ministry of investment. According to informed sources, after this wave of Internet Co listed on this tide, too much hot money, a massive influx of online education, many executives are listed after the cash in the name of a number of private investment online education project.

and traditional educational institutions, such as learning, and other aspects of the future is also good to get involved in their own side, while acquisitions to accelerate the layout.

Jiangsu hi tech investment group, an investment manager told Tencent science and technology: the current basic weekly investment in the birth of an online education program. Now is the capital boom period, the online education programs need to get the money. Because this wave will continue until the end of the second quarter of next year the industry will change to the capital investment, many will die out a number of cases, or forced prostitution, just as the year of the group purchase, now the financial P2P."

2 exclusive analysis of beauty, said the other 50 shopping website brand domain name type  

beauty of the heart, the person all has, in order to meet the consumers since it shows the world’s most beautiful fashion information, said,, TOPIT.ME, net, petal foreig and other famous sites are all businesses have enabled exhaust all the skills, the official domain name is the significant magical power, with its associated brand the combination of letters, Pinyin, and other types of domain name site, even seemingly ordinary domain name, used properly, its value is also risen.

said, beautiful sites such as Pinyin domain name "contests"

beauty ( has been defined as a female fashion shopping guide website, which is simple and clear three spell domain is more convenient for users to access, thereby enhancing its visibility. In addition, beauty has also acquired Tianpin net and Iron Chef shook. Through the data show that the current domain name average daily IP (monthly average) 270 thousand, average daily PV (monthly average) of 2 million 160 thousand.

3 network transmission Zhang Zhaoyang drug was arrested: the Sohu denied the rumor   Zhou Hongyi;

August 20th news on the evening of August 19th, there are friends broke the news, a IT gangster in Beijing open room drug was arrested. After the news spread, a large number of Internet

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