Ming Chi Cup Dalian billiards elite invitational tournament

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activity name: "Ming Chi Cup" Dalian website billiards elite invitational tournament

organizer: Dalian webmaster alliance www.dladmin.com

co organizer: Dalian channel network

media reports: Dalian Cultural Bureau, Dalian Sports Bureau master station, Dalian, Dalian, Dalian Tianjian net online forum, webmaster union ADMIN5, Dalian evening news, Dalian daily, Dalian daily newspaper, the new female, large entertainment network.

activity time: December 2, 2007 –2007,,

activity location:



activity flow:


participate in the activities of the group to participate in the group draw, the start of the group stage, knockout, finals, the game time every Sunday morning and afternoon. Station group cheering and on-site exchange, relevant information of picture and text will be displayed on the website and Associated Media.


The whole process of the

after the end of the game, the League will organize all Dalian station and Dalian TV station moved heart column group, held a show, the theme of Dalian city and the north city to aid vulnerable people to fulfill a wish or donation; Dalian evening news, Dalian female newspaper, Dalian and a number of new business the traditional media and network media in cooperation with the full report on the matter.

participants: all members of the Dalian webmaster Alliance group are invited to participate. QQ group: 40343071

expected number: 32 webmaster

to participate in the competition cost: 50 yuan. Free LOGO production costs, the LOGO vector and the cost to the lion [QQ:11927921]

to participate in the production of LOGO production costs: 20 yuan will be LOGO vector and production costs to the lion [QQ:11927921]

site publicity form: the bar shows who participate in the activities of the webmaster, its website LOGO can present in the banner.

activities: the use of group draw, the use of Dalian play;

first round: a group of four pairs of four round of the seven round of the system, the top two automatically into the next round;

since the second round; after the group draw to enter the knockout, the seven game of the four system;

registration time: from now on Adsense alliance to accept registration, deadline November 30, 2007.

contact: male 13322206710, beta 81839938

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