ntel China President Yang Xu do not just stare at the chip

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as the end of the year, Intel began to clean up the mood, looking forward to the future.

in 2016 for Intel is not so smooth for a year. In the PC market continued downturn in the environment, Intel has experienced mass layoffs, abandon mobile chip business transformation, until recently finally announced to the media, will focus on the future transformation of eight key techniques in the field of artificial intelligence, unmanned, 5G, virtual reality, robot, sports, health care and precision China manufacturing 2025.


settles the overall strategy, such as Intel’s global vice president and Chinese President Yang Xu said, is not the result of a short duration of time.

December 13th, in an interview with news and other media interface, Yang Xu said, Intel last year to turn this bend, namely: Intel is not a pure chip company, does not necessarily depend on the chip to get a chance.

"why the transformation is so painful, because then thinking is’ looking for chips’, always looking for a place to get the chip up." Yang Xu said, later found that although many terminal devices require intelligent processors, Intel, of course, can do, but the time to do is 2 times the cost of others is a lot of times, the economic benefits are not."

in this case, Intel needs to seek a more flexible approach. For example, some equipment adopts the architecture of ARM chip, but may require Intel IP — "people have the ability to achieve faster and lower the cost of the design, why not cooperate in the IP?" Yang Xu said, "this year is really figured out a lot of problems."


open the idea, Intel began to focus on the pattern of change.

Intel believes that the future of smart Internet will present four trends: Data torrent, everything digital, perceived and cloud computing value.

Intel is expected in 2020 there will be 50 billion sets of intelligent devices connected to each other, the amount of data per person per day on average will produce 1.5 GB, an intelligent hospital every day to generate data 3000GB, the amount of data generated every day a driverless car 4000GB, an intelligent manufacturing factory every day will produce 1 million GB data.

face such a large data deluge, how to mining from the cloud, analysis, the final completion of value-added, is the key issue to be solved in the future.

to this end, Intel will improve the processing capacity from three aspects of the cloud, the terminal, the middle connection.

"by artificial intelligence, now we talk about the most as an example, artificial intelligence data processing category is not the same, there is a very complex data, there is not complicated but a large amount of data processing, artificial intelligence how to excavate and release the data value, one of the important factors in the calculation of end to end." Yang Xu explained, from the terminal data generation, collection, to the number of

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