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A5 webmaster network (www.admin5.com) June 25th news, I did not expect this year, a net activity has hit so many Internet Co. Of course, the number of the most famous Nora, it seems that today’s headlines is also a big trouble stalls. It seems that as long as you buckle net net hat is difficult to turn over.

in mid June, the State Press and Publication Administration of radio, Internet TV license providers, issued on the Internet immediately shut down the Internet terminal products in violation of video software download channel. At present, the SARFT has banned Zhejiang and Shanghai TV box preloaded unaudited video APP, and named China and blockbuster in violation of the central administration of the relevant requirements and management policies, and require two licenses which China and blockbuster for rectification.

China official said, has indeed received the higher authorities for verification of the Internet TV set-top box required. To request the competent authorities to clean up the market environment, and guide the healthy development of the industry, China will actively support. Tmall’s box also SARFT shall respond: "Tmall box has been requested by the SARFT positive self-examination, close the client to download channel. Ensure the sound and orderly environment.

This paper points out that

, China media launched the "Tmall box Internet TV set-top boxes, with Iqiyi, Sohu video, Youku and other commercial audition program client software and television cat, Thai express video, rabbit video and other video aggregation software and Internet browser software. For political harmful, obscene and vulgar bad programs and a large number of piracy programs into the TV provides technical support and access, a serious violation of the central requirements and the relevant management policies.

I think here is

to see and do the "net activity"? But said the SARFT action is No. 181 ("hold Internet TV operator license management requirements") to implement the details. No. 181 will be officially Internet TV set-top boxes, high-definition player that network terminal products, into the management of Internet TV integrated machine, which is a legal gray area of Internet box has a legitimate birthright, but also on the license and hardware manufacturers have made considerable restrictions in the number of licenses issued, regional etc.. And the legend of the 292 document will strengthen the fight against piracy, rectifying and standardizing set-top boxes.

as radio experts, wide internet CEO Ceng Huiming said in "from No. 181 to No. 292", "comparison of related policies before the file with, by combining guidance rather than blocking strategy, at the same time for the division and distribution of interests in the industry chain to do some planning. It must be admitted that this is a fairly level policy. From state control for propaganda or from the cultural dissemination of the contents of safety, the protection of minors or the existence of a large number of piracy from the Internet or the introduction of management policy for the Internet TV industry, there are a lot of rationality "

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