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, Asia’s largest domain name registrar ResellerClub enter the China market, through a variety of preferential measures and pay attention to publish Chinese website attracted many agents and "rice farming". Recently, ResellerClub of the rice farmers once again dished out the "olive branch", launched a large – 2010 Christmas holiday sales promotion.

ResellerClub has been through the proxy to provide domain name registration services for all countries, no retail business. It is an advanced agent system, and timely carry out a variety of promotional activities, in order to attract more agents to join resellerclub. The Christmas sale, making the proxy threshold again crazy reduced to a certain extent also makes the distance between ResellerClub and many rice farmers getting closer.

ResellerClub it is understood that the promotional activities from December 1, 2010 onwards, as long as the agents before December 31, 2010 to pay the $499, and activate the account, you can enjoy a full month of 2011 January the highest price preferential agent. Proxy account activation mode, need to enter the official website of ResellerClub registration account, a variety of income provided by ResellerClub payment, according to the page prompts to complete the operation instructions.

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ResellerClub sent a last 2010, an invitation is the most attractive agent: the highest level price.Com and.NET domain name is $8.39,.ORG,.INFO,.BIZ,.NAME is only $7.89. The highest price agent for gTLD domain name registration, renewal and transfer. And the registration number is not subject to any restrictions.

in addition, if the agent in China in more than $2999, the highest level ResellerClub agent, that is more than the price you can enjoy low price of $0.10.

at the same time, Resellerclub also released a message that we continue to rejoice -.IN domain name promotions (original price $13.99, down to $1.89, a decline of 85%) of the delay time. It is understood that the deadline will be extended to 2011 of March 31st, Resellerclub is intended to open the door to welcome more Chinese agents to join, for the majority of agents, this is undoubtedly a good opportunity.

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